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What If You Stop Smoking Now?

What if you stop smoking at this very moment? Have you ever thought about the benefits it could cause to your body, to society, and to the environment? Gone were the days when cigarette smoking is a cool thing. Gone were the days when cigarette smoking is legal indoors. Continue reading

Top 10 Medical Reasons to Quit Smoking Now


Health has always been considered as the greatest wealth that anyone could ever have. If you have perfect health, then you could do anything that you could possibly can to improve your life. You could work and be productive. You could have the chance to enjoy the fruits of your long, hard labor with your loved ones and friends. But there are some diversions that prevent you from having all these—vices.

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Top 10 Reasons to Quit Smoking During Pregnancy


You may not be aware of it but there are so many kinds of vices that take away a large part of yourself everyday. At some point, you would have to make that life-changing decision of giving up the particular vice that you just can’t live without.

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10 Reasons to Quit Smoking – It’s Time to Put an End to It!

Smoking seems to be a common thing among many individuals today.  Some would start smoking due to peer pressure while others will find it to be a great relief in managing their stress.  The bottom line is most of them would start as occasional smoker and then find it hard to withdraw due to its withdrawal effects.  The only problem is they make themselves vulnerable to a lot of medical problems and other issues.  Smokers, however, just need to know the 10 reasons to quit smoking and keep them in mind to totally quit this problem. Continue reading