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10 Well-Known Techniques That Make the List of Alternative Medicine Treatments

A huge smorgasbord of ailments affects so many people from all walks of life worldwide. Of course, prescribed medications by Western physicians are continuously utilized to help treat or correct these conditions. But because of the need for holistic relief and betterment, alternative medicine is already included in most of the treatments of the health disorders. When the approach is said to be holistic, it means that both mental, emotional, and physical aspects. Some patients even entirely rely on these alternative medicine treatments to prevent any chemical impurities from entering their bodies that could possibly aggravate their condition.

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5 Variations of Acupuncture for Dogs and the Conditions Treated


For about 4,000 years, Chinese tradition has been using acupuncture to remedy various ailments, considered as an imbalance of “Qui”. Acupuncture involves the use of therapeutic needles to target specific points in your body to activate the “Qui” or the energy that keeps everything in harmony all throughout your body. There are various spas and Chinese therapeutic centers that offer this service and it is a very good alternative for medical solutions. These days, acupuncture is not only exclusive to humans anymore. Believe it or not, acupuncture can be performed on pets, too, especially your dog.

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