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The 12th Week of Pregnancy: What Every Woman Should Expect

Finally, at the end part of the first trimester of pregnancy, two more to go! Now that you have arrived the 12th week of pregnancy, you may notice that your body is showing the world, in pride that you are really pregnant. Most women are finally showing their bump at the twelfth month. This bump may not be a big, prominent one, but you and the people around you can finally see the difference.  Congratulations and celebrate it! Continue reading

7 DIY Natural Yeast Infection Treatment For Men

Aside from the fact that men can contract yeast infection from an infected woman during sexual intercourse, they could also get this disease from the prolonged use of antibiotics. Apparently, it is harder to detect the yeast infection in men. Usually, they go about everything that they do without knowing that they have candida. And is they are not examined the right way, it is possible for them to be misdiagnosed.

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Natural Ways To Increase Libido For Women

Not feeling sexy lately? Do you feel like just watching old movies over a bowl of popcorn with your partner? Or just sleeping right after you prepare for bed?  That is a red flag already. If you know that there is already a problem with maintaining intimacy by performing the sexual act, you should do something about it.

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6 Effective All-Natural Ways To Increase Fertility In Men

Passing on genetic traits and ensuring the propagation of the species has always been the goals of the males. The human male species are of no exception. If the man is able to father a child, then he is sure that his legacy will be carried on.  A number of the human male population suffers from low fertility. This is brought about by so many factors in this ever-busy world.

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5 Guides to Good Female Sexual Health

Are you having problem with your female sexual health?  If you find it persistent and recurring and already causing problems in relationship with your partner, what you are going through is female sexual dysfunction. Continue reading

9 Natural Sexual Performance Enhancers That Really Work

Sexual performance is very important in men. They gauge their manhood in how much they satisfy their female partner. The pleasure that they should give the woman is said to be helped a lot by the erection that they have during the sexual act. With longer arousal and hardness of the male genitalia, it is more possible for the female to achieve sexual pleasure and orgasm.

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5 Proven and Time-Tested Natural Remedies For Thrush

Itching down there? Do you have patches on the tongue that bleed when rubbed on or irritated? Terrible, isn’t it? It may just not be caused by irritating underwear material or not gargling frequently. Be careful because that may be thrush or an over proliferation of Candida albicans. Candida is naturally found in your body. The moist and warm environment that it provides is very favorable for its growth. If the environment is altered, there can be an uncontrollable overpopulation of Candida albicans. This will inevitably result to many uncomfortable signs and symptoms.

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Very Effective Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction that affects men from all walks of life. It was formerly known as impotence. It is a sexual disorder wherein there is an inadequacy in erection during the sexual act. It is very hard for the man to handle it if he is diagnosed with ED. This usually causes pressure and low self esteem, which also brings strain to the relationship.

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5 Effective Natural Cures for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the incapacity to acquire and maintain an erection hard enough for sex.  Finding trouble in erection from time to time is not a call for alarm.  However, if erectile dysfunction is a continuing trouble, it may bring personal problems, may cause stress and may affect self-esteem.  Anyone with erectile dysfunction Continue reading

What Essentials Does Natural Prostate Health Have ?

The prostate is part of the male reproductive system that is found just below the urinary bladder. It is about the shape of a walnut and is responsible for the production of semen or seminal fluid. There are a number of men who experience prostate disorders. This is because the prostate envelopes the urethra. As you know, the urethra is responsible for draining urine from the urinary bladder. Some of the common prostate disorders are BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia, enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, and prostatitis.

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