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I Missed My Period – Do Not be Alarmed!

“Am I pregnant?” That is the first question that pops up when you miss your menstruation, especially when you have a regular cycle. Due to this, many pregnancy testing kits have been available in every drugstore with a wide range of brands and cheaper prices to choose from. Many times, we have a negative pregnancy test result but still, we do not menstruate. This becomes an automatic question when a person is expecting to be pregnant but what are the other reasons why a woman may have a missed period or a delayed menstruation? Don’t be too much alarmed. Although pregnancy is the most common cause for a missed period, pregnancy cannot be automatically confirmed overnight. You also need a couple of things like blood test, a pregnancy test, or an ultrasound to have it confirmed. The age of information technology made us all want to have instant answers and instant everything’s but it always pays to be patient and knowledge is the key.  Here are some of the causes why you miss having a period. Continue reading

The Benefits of Vitamin B6 50mg tablets

Read your labels. Have you ever fathomed the marvel of the supplements that you take each morning? Many of us are regular patronisers of food supplements because of the very reason that we want to keep an optimum health status for a longer life.  The B vitamins are famous and can always be seen in the information of multivamins bottles and because of the growing and available knowledge about nutrition at hand, we always want to track of what foods and supplements to take to keep a healthy body. Continue reading

Morbid Obesity Health Problems

People nowadays want to look slimmer. Everybody wants to have an ideal body weight. To many people, fashion dictates what weight they should be in. Slimmer people are thought to be sexier, have more choices on what to wear, have better self-esteem, and most importantly, more attractive and happy in their lives. The definition of being sexy differs from one race and culture to another. People have different perspectives about how they look and feel. Continue reading

What If You Stop Smoking Now?

What if you stop smoking at this very moment? Have you ever thought about the benefits it could cause to your body, to society, and to the environment? Gone were the days when cigarette smoking is a cool thing. Gone were the days when cigarette smoking is legal indoors. Continue reading

Symptoms of Pain Medication Abuse

The assessment and management of pain can be very complex that the whole process of managing and living with the pain could be very difficult to some people and health care professionals. The goal of administering pain medications is to alleviate pain and suffering, enhance movement, and to enable a person to do his activities of daily living. Continue reading

3 Top Effective Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa or simply known as Anorexia, psycho physiological eating disorder characterized by a rejection to sustain a good physical shape and there is an obsession of fear in attaining weight.  An individual affected with anorexia nervosa is persistent in feeling of being hungry but try to refuse themselves with an intake of a very small amount of food.  Continue reading

5 Dangers of Anorexia to Keep in Mind

Anorexia is an eating disorder that affects so many people from all walks of life. It is an eating disorder that may have been influenced by fashion magazines, demanding careers,  and music videos. It is quite saddening that people really aim to be thin at the expense of their overall well-being.  So many anorexics die because of starvation and multiple-organ failure because of the body’s weak immune system.

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Daily Caloric Intake for a Pregnant Woman

Before pregnancy, women should have normal body weights. This is to ensure well-being of the pregnant mother and for the healthy development of the fetus. This is the same reason why couples need to plan for a pregnancy—not only financially or emotionally but more importantly, physically. Continue reading

7 Steps in the Anorexia Treatment Plan

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that involves not choosing to maintain a healthy weight, a distorted body image, and a very intense fear of increasing in body weight. When you’re anorexic, mealtimes are very stressful to you. You really dislike any possible chance of gaining weight. With this, you go and do the most extreme means to lose weight. It is a very trying time for the anorexic. Anorexia also sacrifices the relationships with people around you because you have no time to relate with them anymore because all you do is to find ways to lose more and more weight. This is a Continue reading

Systematic Desentization as Behavioral Treatment for Phobic and Anxiety Disorders

Phobia and Anxiety

A Phobic Disorder is an intense, irrational, specific fear in response to an external object, activity, or situation. Phobia, from the Greek word, Phobos, meaning “fear” or “morbid fear”, is a type of an anxiety Disorder.

An Anxiety disorder is a chronic condition characterized by an excessive persistent of apprehension and fear of the unknown with physical symptoms such as palpilations, sweating, irritability, restlessness and other signs of stress. Anxiety disorders have a variety of biological and environmental causes.

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