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Cure Anxiety: The Natural Way

 What is anxiety? Are all people easily affected with anxiety? Are there any foods or activity can help to prevent anxiety? 

Anxiety is an emotional condition wherein characterized by emotion of great fear or apprehension.  It is a future-oriented disposition order in which one is set to go with the future negative events. Continue reading

4 Common Symptoms and Causes of Anxiety Issues

Anxiety makes you very unsettled and very distracted in your everyday activities. At some point, it has taken a toll out of your personality as a whole. Somehow, anxiety has really changes you. With this, the various anxiety issues should be given attention. This is to be able to deal with anxiety on various levels and eventually, be able to recognize and prevent anxiety in any scenario you’re in.

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6 Facts About Anti Anxiety Medicine

Anxiety is a state of mind wherein you have distress over something. This is often seen as an emotion that overwhelms you psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Some people experience this occasionally but others experience this on a daily basis. When this happens, anxiety becomes an anxiety disorder. Anxiety then overpowers your daily life. This is caused by a malfunctioning amygdale (part of the brain that processes anxieties), low levels of neurotransmitter GABA, and stress.

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Systematic Desentization as Behavioral Treatment for Phobic and Anxiety Disorders

Phobia and Anxiety

A Phobic Disorder is an intense, irrational, specific fear in response to an external object, activity, or situation. Phobia, from the Greek word, Phobos, meaning “fear” or “morbid fear”, is a type of an anxiety Disorder.

An Anxiety disorder is a chronic condition characterized by an excessive persistent of apprehension and fear of the unknown with physical symptoms such as palpilations, sweating, irritability, restlessness and other signs of stress. Anxiety disorders have a variety of biological and environmental causes.

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