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Causes of anorexia nervosa

The cause of anorexia nervosa is not fully understood. It is thought to develop from a mix of physical, emotional, and social triggers. Continue reading

A Closer Look at Neurofibromyalgia

When a disease is idiopathic or has no definite cause, treatment is very difficult. The symptoms may be varied and these can be very confusing. One such condition is neurofibromyalgia. If you are diagnosed with neurofibromyalgia, you must go to a doctor who is capable and willing to help you with your symptoms. You could go straight to a neurologist for proper treatment.

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Neuromins: A Clear Focus

Neuromins is a brand of supplement that is derived from a vegetable source that is rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). DHA is one of the omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for your health. The common source of DHA is fish oil. This makes Neuromins very unique because this DHA comes from microalgae extracts. The microalgae if what the fishes actually eat so taking Neuromins is like going straight to the source of the known source.

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I Missed My Period – Do Not be Alarmed!

“Am I pregnant?” That is the first question that pops up when you miss your menstruation, especially when you have a regular cycle. Due to this, many pregnancy testing kits have been available in every drugstore with a wide range of brands and cheaper prices to choose from. Many times, we have a negative pregnancy test result but still, we do not menstruate. This becomes an automatic question when a person is expecting to be pregnant but what are the other reasons why a woman may have a missed period or a delayed menstruation? Don’t be too much alarmed. Although pregnancy is the most common cause for a missed period, pregnancy cannot be automatically confirmed overnight. You also need a couple of things like blood test, a pregnancy test, or an ultrasound to have it confirmed. The age of information technology made us all want to have instant answers and instant everything’s but it always pays to be patient and knowledge is the key.  Here are some of the causes why you miss having a period. Continue reading

10 Common Skin Problems During Pregnancy

The whole pregnancy experience can be different from one woman to another. Aside from the many physical changes that a pregnant woman may encounter, there are also psychological changes that matter in the care of a pregnant mother. Disturbed body image can be a problem if not addressed correctly.  So you have a big tummy that is announcing to the whole world that you are going to bear a child soon. You want to be proud to everyone but you are worried about how you look. Many pregnant mothers do not like to have their pictures taken because of disturbed body image while in pregnancy. They feel fat, they feel heavy, and they can see that a lot of changes are happening to their skin. Know the usual skin changes that may be a problem during pregnancy. Continue reading

How Natural THC Detox Methods Can Help You Get Your Health Back

If you have taken marijuana then you have tetrahydrocannabinol in your system. This chemical compound that is active in Cannabis sativa (marijuana) is known to be psychoactive. It gives you a certain high that influences your thoughts and behavior. Getting rid of THC from your body takes a few days but it can be done.

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9 Well-Known Natural Supplements For OCD

Obsessive-compulsive behavior is a disorder wherein you have this constant want to have things in order or under your control. This is said to be common in first borns but there can be those who develop it overtime. It can be very overwhelming to have OCD. According to psychologists and psychiatrists categorize OCD as a psychological condition that is caused by very early or forced potty training.

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10 Popular Natural Supplements For Anxiety to Include in Your Treatment Plan

Everyday, people face threats, real or imagined. When you deal with imagined threats, you experience bouts of anxiety. With this, it can be said that anxiety attacks or disorders are common. There are many types of anxiety disorders that millions of people are diagnosed with worldwide such as post traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. The said conditions could really debilitate the person and affect the overall lifestyle that he or she has.

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Natural Supplements For Depression: Vital Ingredients for a Brighter Mood

Depression is a silent enemy that creeps into the lives of about 20 M adult Americans annually. It is comparable to rust that corrodes the inner lining of a water pipe. Depression slowly bears down on individuals but it is common for them to just ignore it because they have this notion that it is natural for them to feel that way during trying times. But there are some people who know better and seek professional help.

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What Natural Supplements for Menopause Can Do for Your Menopause Nightmare

Women always undergo the most painful and the most laborious physical changes. One of the major physical transformations that they experience is menopause. Menopause is the cessation of a woman’s menstruation. In this major stage of a woman’s life, hormonal, mental, emotional, and physical alterations almost happen at the same time. It can indeed be a roller coaster ride but it has to be accepted and dealt with.

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