9 Well-Known Natural Supplements For OCD

Obsessive-compulsive behavior is a disorder wherein you have this constant want to have things in order or under your control. This is said to be common in first borns but there can be those who develop it overtime. It can be very overwhelming to have OCD. According to psychologists and psychiatrists categorize OCD as a psychological condition that is caused by very early or forced potty training.

To treat OCD, there has to be a behavioral treatment that works with balancing out the brain chemicals. There also has to  be a constant stream of support from the immediate family to achieve the desired level of behavior. Conventional treatments are prescribed by the psychiatrist but natural supplements for OCD are also available for you to consider.

1. Kava-Kava

Kava-Kava is one of the natural supplements for OCD that are used for the treatment of insomnia and anxiety. It is said to have no side effects recorded and is known to be very effective. But is you have some liver problems, avoid taking this herb.




2. Passiflora

This is one of the known natural supplements for OCD that can be combined with St. John’s Wort. It increases the effectiveness of Hypercin but it is not concluded to be as effective in treating OCD on its own.






3. Hypercin/St. John’s Wort/ Hypericum

Hypercin is one of the natural supplements for OCD that you could use under your doctor’s supervision. It treats general anxiety disorder, somatoform disorders, and depression. If you are going to take it for OCD, then it will definitely be of great help if you do not want to take SSRI.






4. Valerian root

Valerian root is  natural supplement that targets anxiety. It is one of the natural supplements for OCD that helps correct sleep disorders. You can use valerian root for weeks to help you sleep better without the possibility of drowsiness during the day or any form of dependence.





5. Gingko biloba

Gingko biloba is another one of the effective natural supplements for OCD that can be used for the side effects of SSRI medications particularly those that involve the sexual act. It is pretty much like Viagra in this aspect.





6. Gotu kola

Natural supplements for OCD include Gotu kola. It is often used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat anxiety and depression.






7. Butea frondosa

Butea frondosa is one of the best natural supplements for OCD because it also rejuvenates you and improves your memory. It could help you with your mild anxiety as well.





8. Clitoria ternatea

This is one of the natural supplements for OCD that helps lessen the bouts of depression and ulcers brought about by stress.






9. American Ginseng

American ginseng is another natural supplement that reduces anxiety in OCD patients.







Fears and obsessions are some of the resulting problems that psychiatrists see in their OCD patients. One example is an overwhelming fear of getting sick may result to obsessive cleaning and disinfecting. Overcoming OCD is a daunting effort but with the proper help and support, these natural supplements for OCD may bring positive, long lasting results. These help accelerate the patient’s symptom improvement. Together with these natural supplements for OCD, you should remember to avoid caffeine or at least lessen its intake at a gradual phase; increase your intake of good fats to a cholesterol level of 170 so as to help repair the myelin sheaths for better stimulus transmission; have a steady intake of vitamin B-complex to maintain the normal function of your brain; improve your intake of omega-3 fatty acids to improve the condition of your myelin sheaths; have a supplementation of Spirulina for the proper nourishment of nerve fibers and myelin sheaths; and undergo a cognitive behavior therapy to correct your undesirable habits, anxiety, and depression.

Stay in regular communication with your doctor so that you may be monitored and evaluated properly as you go through your treatment plan with the use of the natural supplements for OCD. A change in lifestyle could also help you improve your condition significantly. Small changes could be made to what you were used to doing all the time to help your brain understand that you have to adapt to the changes in your environment and that you don’t have to get upset if there are changes that happen around you. It could really be a challenge for anyone and any loved one to deal with OCD. But always remember that this psychological condition can be corrected and OCD patients do have the chance to live at a normal pace in a normal way.

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