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Conditions Resulting to Neck Pain And Dizziness

When you complain of neck pain and dizziness, this is usually the result of several conditions. This is when your dizziness is brought about by the pain or any problem that you are having with your neck or cervical vertebrae. The dizziness is usually described as clumsiness, off-balanced, unsteady or lightheaded. The patients who have experienced long-term dizziness have already established that what they are having is related to their neck injury or neck pain.

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Vital Concepts on Neck Arthritis


Neck arthritis is also known as cervical spondylosis or chronic neck pain. It is a disorder that involves the abnormal wearing out of the bones and cartilages of your neck. This kind of pain in your cervical vertebrae is not  something you should take  lightly.

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Ways to Remedy Neck And Arm Pain

Neck and arm pain can really be debilitating especially when your job or lifestyle is physically demanding. Time and employments are lost when such pain gets to you. This types of pain can either involve nerve loss or not. If there are no nerve malfunctions, a patient may resort to cervical traction, manipulation, analgesics, or cervical collars. If ever the pain still lasts for about four to six weeks, then there is already a need for further diagnostic exams like CT scan, discography, myelography, and MRI to really find out what is wrong.

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5 Home Remedies of Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis is a type of arthritis that influenced some people affected with psoriasis.  Psoriasis is mostly the first one to develop and is later detected with psoriatic arthritis.  However, joint problems can at times begin before the appearance of skin lesions.  The most common symptoms of psoriatic arthritis are inflammation, stiffness and joint pain.  Psoriatic arthritis can affect any part of the body which includes fingertips and spine.  It can vary from moderately mild to severe.  Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis may flare up alternating with the episode of remission. Continue reading

Zymosine Features In Relieving Pain

Many people today suffer from arthritic pain due to having this problem while some individuals also experience pain problems due to different reasons. Regardless of the cause, pain problems can be bothersome so it is just vital to find the right solutions that will aid alleviate pain. One of the solutions offered to people is Zymosine.

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6 Natural Ways to Cure Thumb Arthritis

Thumb arthritis or also known as basal join arthritis takes place when the joint located at the wrist and the base of the thumb become affected with osteoarthritis.  Thumb arthritis can result to inflammation and incapacitating hand pain, reduced the force and variety of movement leading to do simple things complicated like simply turning the doorknobs. Continue reading

3 Ways to Fight Joint Pain Lyme Disease

Joint pain lyme disease is a bacterial infection which is spread by a tick. This disease was first diagnosed in 1975 in Lyme Conn., and two nearby towns during heightened season of tick in the area. Continue reading

2010 childhood obesity facts

In February of this year, First Lady Michelle Obama presented her ambitious Let’s Move campaign to battle the terrifying childhood obesity epidemic. Lady Obama was inspired not only from her family and children’s lifestyle, but also by some startling obesity statistics that have been gathered by medical researchers over the past thirty years. A child is considered obese if their BMI (Body Mass Index) is 30 or higher, and this BMI level in anyone, especially children has the potential to cause very severe health issues. Continue reading

What Natural Remedies for Gout Provide for Long Term Relief

If you have already come to an age when you feel pain in your joints whenever you move, then it is most probably because of gout. Also known as gouty arthritis, gout is characterized by joint tenderness, swelling of the joints, heat in the joints, and sudden joint pain, accompanied by redness.

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10 Easily Acquired and Commonly Used Natural Muscle Relaxants

Muscle pain may be caused by muscle strain, injury, nerve compression, joints that are worn out, or underlying diseases. This sudden or gradual occurrence causes much discomfort to you especially if you really want to accomplish a task or just relax.

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