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8 Fool Proof Methods of Natural Treatment For High Blood Pressure


It is already a known fact that more and more people develop elevated blood pressure or hypertension at any given age already. This is a saddening condition that is faced by so many individuals, families, and institutions every single day.

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12 lead EKG interpretation made easy

The first step in your assessment should be to get a general sense of the EKG. Mentally note if you see something out of the ordinary and come back to it as you go through your assessment. Do all the leads look normal?
Is there normal R-wave progression? Is AVR inverted? Be very general in this first assessment.

The second step begins our formal analysis of the 12-lead EKG. Check the calibration block on the 12-lead. Is it standard, half-standard, or 2 times standard? Don’t forget to do this. Continue reading

11 Known High Blood Pressure Remedies

Hypertension afflicts so many people from all walks of life all over the world. This is known as a traitor disease because some people may have it for years and not manifest any symptoms. Blood pressure has two parts systolic pressure (upper value) and the diastolic pressure (lower value). Normal value for blood pressure is established as 120/80 mmHg. Prehypertension is a condition wherein systole is 120-138 mmHg or diastole is 80-89 mmHg. Hypertension is stage one is the systole is 140 – 159 mmHg or diastole is 90 – 99 mmHg. It is in stage two if the systole is above 160 mmHg or diastole is 100 mmHg and above.

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Top 10 Medical Reasons to Quit Smoking Now


Health has always been considered as the greatest wealth that anyone could ever have. If you have perfect health, then you could do anything that you could possibly can to improve your life. You could work and be productive. You could have the chance to enjoy the fruits of your long, hard labor with your loved ones and friends. But there are some diversions that prevent you from having all these—vices.

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Top 10 Tips to Healthy Eating

Food is considered the best friend of most people. It is not judgemental, it is unconditional, it is unbiased, it has no favorites, and it is always there when you need it. With this, eating is considered as a very common past-time and refuge whatever lifestyle you have. Quick fixes and easy satisfaction is the trend these days because people don’t seem to have the time and effort to think of and decide on wise food options and ideal eating practices.


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The 10 Best Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol


The reality of cardiovascular health is often very gloomy to look at and ponder upon. A very huge bulk of the world’s population is affected by various conditions involving the heart and its blood vessels.  Young and old suffer by the effects of poor cardiovascular health, which is often the result of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

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