Top 10 Tips to Healthy Eating

Food is considered the best friend of most people. It is not judgemental, it is unconditional, it is unbiased, it has no favorites, and it is always there when you need it. With this, eating is considered as a very common past-time and refuge whatever lifestyle you have. Quick fixes and easy satisfaction is the trend these days because people don’t seem to have the time and effort to think of and decide on wise food options and ideal eating practices.


In order to put a balance on this trend, healthy eating is enforced by the experts and the health conscious population. This is a practice that involves making wise, practical and healthy choices when it comes to meals and snacks. Healthy eating is now being emphasized in so many food establishments these days but still, over-indulgence is still just a flip of the menu away. Here are the 10 tips to healthy eating:


a)      Take note that there are no good or bad food

There are no antagonists or protagonists in the food world. Even people with health conditions like diabetes could enjoy the same type of food but with alternatives or just the right portions to consider. In following the 10 tips to healthy eating, you should always remember to enjoy the food and not look at food as an enemy especially when you have a health matter to deal with. Just make sure that you work with your dietitian so that you could make the healthy choices even if you go out to eat.


b)      Make gradual food changes

If you have decided to eat healthy, then you should remember to make the diet change gradual or slow. Your body loves routine and if you move out of the routine that fast, it may not yield the healthy results that you want. Maybe you could start by changing one food item for each meal first and then follow through with the others once you have trained your body to incorporate the new food item already.


c)       Be aware of the pitfalls in your diet

To do this, you should monitor what you eat for about three days with a food log. Here, you will take note of the food item, the quantity of the food item, and the frequency that you actually take that food item into your body. This will help you a lot in following all 10 tips to healthy eating. This would let you know if you are already getting not enough or too much of the nutrients that you need everyday.


d)      Have a balance

Anything in excess is bad indeed, especially in taking note of these 10 tips to healthy eating. If you really want to have a healthy lifestyle, then you should balance out the amount of food and nutrients in your diet. Reading labels really help you with this endeavor.



e)      Don’t eliminate foods

As much as possible, do not remove certain food items in your diet. Just reduce or decrease the amount of that certain food that you eat everyday. Portion control is a key factor in healthy eating. With this, you learn how to be a wise and disciplined eater.



f)       Eat regularly

In following these 10 tips to healthy eating, you should always remember not to skip meals at all.. If you skip meals, you may develop a slow metabolism that may cause you to gain weight. What’s worse, you may develop stomach or intestinal ulcers or a malfunctioning pancreas, which may lead to more serious conditions.


g)      Moderation

Again, in healthy eating, portion control is the key to balancing out the nutrients that you need. This also trains your body to be used to the new lifestyle without being deprived of the food items that it is used to taking in.




h)      Healthy weight

One of the goals of the 10 tips to healthy eating is actually maintaining or achieving a healthy weight.  Your BMI (body mass index) is a major factor in knowing if you already have that ideal weight to maintain. So make sure that you have your BMI calculated and maintained for life.



i)        Enjoy fiber

Fiber-rich food keeps you satisfied longer and enables you to have a regular bowel movement. In eating healthy, you make sure that what you put in your mouth does good to your body. Fiber helps you achieve this clean lifestyle. So, stock up of fruits, vegetables, and grain.


j)        Healthy variety

The 10 tips to healthy eating involves having a variety of healthy food items to eat. There are myriads to choose from so make sure you broaden your horizon and try them all.





Following these 10 tips to healthy eating would probably be the best thing that you could ever do for your body. So make sure that you take notes of the given tips and work with your doctor for best results.

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