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Frown lines

An aging face is characterized by both wrinkling and sagging. Many of the patients go to the doctor believing that their forehead lines are caused by excessive worrying or frowning. It is quickly explained to them that facial expressions do not cause wrinkles — on their forehead or anywhere else. Those vertical “frown” lines between your eyebrows (known as glabellar lines) and the vertical ones across your forehead would not be there at all if your skin hadn’t become damaged by the sun. They are the result of facial muscles interacting with sun-damaged skin. Continue reading

Diet menus for menopause Part 2

Just only recently have we seen some really good research showing the association between certain foods and nutrients and brainpower. Most of us know that after 40 we’re sort of in a decline. Our eyes are getting worse; we get injured more easily exercising; and our brain isn’t quite as sharp as we remember it being in our earlier years. Continue reading

Diet menus for menopause Part 1

Are there certain kinds of food that can cut down the hot flashes?

With diet and hot flashes it’s a bit of trial and error. Something may work for some women, so either you have to throw them all up in the air and see what helps you. Continue reading

Assisted living

Assisted living residences or assisted living facilities (ALFs) provide supervision or assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs); coordination of services by outside health care providers; and monitoring of resident activities to help to ensure their health, safety, and well-being.

Assistance may include the administration or supervision of medication, or personal care services provided by a trained staff person. Continue reading

Age spot removal Part 2

Treatments and drugs

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of age spots, treatments are available to lighten or remove them. Since the pigment is located at the base of the epidermis — the topmost layer of skin — any treatments meant to lighten the age spots must penetrate this layer of skin. Continue reading

Age spot removal Part 1

Age spots — also called liver spots and solar lentigines — are flat gray, brown or black spots. They vary in size and usually appear on the face, hands, shoulders and arms — areas most exposed to the sun. Though age spots are very common in adults older than age 40, they can affect younger people as well. Continue reading

What To Expect After A Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy comes from the word “hystera” which means “uterus”—the body part that symbolizes womanhood. We often see the word, hystera combined with other suffixes indicating to words related to the uterus. The main function of the uterus is to accept the fertilized ovum to be implanted on its walls to be nurtured. The uterus becomes the home of the fetus, nourishing and protecting the baby all throughout pregnancy. This function makes the uterus a very important body part to women. We all know that men are women are alike except on the physical attributes. Only women have uterus and only women can bear a child. Continue reading

Need-To-Know Pointers About Nerve Tonic

Tonics have long been used all over the world to treat ailments and even to strengthen the immune system. Many old cultures even rely on tonic to maintain longevity and stamina. It has been like a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. Until this very day, there are still many cultures that evolve around the use of tonics as immediate remedy. Some people entrust themselves to the idea that the effectiveness of the tonic that they take depends on the belief that it will work for them. Nevertheless, regular taking of tonic have proven themselves potent for those who do religiously take them.

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Conditions Resulting to Neck Pain And Dizziness

When you complain of neck pain and dizziness, this is usually the result of several conditions. This is when your dizziness is brought about by the pain or any problem that you are having with your neck or cervical vertebrae. The dizziness is usually described as clumsiness, off-balanced, unsteady or lightheaded. The patients who have experienced long-term dizziness have already established that what they are having is related to their neck injury or neck pain.

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What Effective Natural Remedies For Wrinkles Can Do For A Younger You

Aging is inevitable. It is part of everyday growth and development. Some people do not look forward to it nor do they prepare for it because of the obvious reasons of weakness, disease, and of course, unsightly wrinkles. Whether you like it or not, your skin will wrinkle.

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