Need-To-Know Pointers About Nerve Tonic

Tonics have long been used all over the world to treat ailments and even to strengthen the immune system. Many old cultures even rely on tonic to maintain longevity and stamina. It has been like a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. Until this very day, there are still many cultures that evolve around the use of tonics as immediate remedy. Some people entrust themselves to the idea that the effectiveness of the tonic that they take depends on the belief that it will work for them. Nevertheless, regular taking of tonic have proven themselves potent for those who do religiously take them.

A nerve tonic is only one of the many concoctions that have been formulated more than two hundred years ago. It is said that the salts used in this tonic are the same as those found in your blood, saliva, and bones. With this, the adverse effects are minimal and the active ingredients are in small amounts. If you are fond of drinking tonics, here are some of the vital points about nerve tonic that you could consult with your doctor:

1. History of nerve tonic

Nerve tonic has been used in homeopathy since 1770. Homeopathy means “similar suffering or disease” in Greek (homeo pathos). These are the exact words that describe the treatments. Samuel Hahnemann wanted to know if a disease can be cured by using minute amounts of a substance that is like the pathogen. With the use of cinchona bark, he treated malaria. When he took a concoction of cinchona bark, he manifested symptoms that resemble those of malaria. This made him created formulations by using compounds that are diluted treat the symptoms of his patients.



2. Features of nerve tonic

The diluted mineral salts are what make the nerve tonic effective as a homeopathic remedy. As the preparation develops, water is continuously added. When the process ends, no trace of any of the salts is found. This is believed to stimulate the body’s healing process.





3. Functions of nerve tonic

When you take the nerve tonic, some of the effects are pain relief, soothing sensation, relaxation, and calm demeanor. But as you know, with such minute amounts of active ingredients, no scientific study could possibly be performed. Because of this, the declared positive and negative results can never be proven or disproven. Basically, the said effects could only be gauged based on the patient’s personal experience.




4. Adverse effects of nerve tonic

Because of the minimal adverse effects of the nerve tonic, researchers declared that this is safe and very unlikely to be a precursor of any fatal adverse reaction.






5. Necessary warning

If a nerve tonic is rolled into tiny tablets or placed in milk sugar, some of the mineral salts could still remain but are already very dilute. You don’t have to worry if you are lactose intolerant because about less than 200 mg of milk sugar is only used in making one nerve tonic. As you may know, about 5,000 mg of milk sugar has to be ingested to trigger lactose intolerance symptoms. However, you should still consult your doctor if you want to take a homeopathic product that has lactose.




According to the US FDA, the mineral salts present in the tiny tablets of the nerve tonic are so little that it would not be feasible to yield results for scientific analysis. However, the tablet form still holds the same standards as the other OTC medications available. So far, the US FDA has not had any reports of fatal drug interactions on the nerve tonic with the usual drugs. But it I always better to consult with your doctor and tell him/her every supplement and medications that you take. You should also remember that women who breastfeed, pregnant, or want to give a nerve tonic to their young children should first see a doctor before taking it.

Taking a nerve tonic is part of seeking alternative ways to cure or remedy a certain disease or improve your health status. There is nothing wrong with trying it out as long as you have informed your doctor about it. For all you know, this could be the start of a new way to gain better health for you especially if you are one of those who have utterly tried everything to be well but failed. It is up to you to find the best way to increase the level of your health status. If taking a nerve tonic would be helpful, then stick to what your doctor says about how to take it.

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