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Aquatic exercises

Water therapy exercise programs consist of a variety of treatments and exercises that are done in a pool and may be specifically designed to provide relief of low back pain or neck pain. These exercises also serve to condition and strengthen muscles to help avoid future recurrences of back pain. Continue reading

What To Expect After A Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy comes from the word “hystera” which means “uterus”—the body part that symbolizes womanhood. We often see the word, hystera combined with other suffixes indicating to words related to the uterus. The main function of the uterus is to accept the fertilized ovum to be implanted on its walls to be nurtured. The uterus becomes the home of the fetus, nourishing and protecting the baby all throughout pregnancy. This function makes the uterus a very important body part to women. We all know that men are women are alike except on the physical attributes. Only women have uterus and only women can bear a child. Continue reading

How Natural Sources Of Vitamin D2 Can Help You Attain Holistic Health

Vitamin D2 is also known as Vitamin D. It is commonly known as an enhancer of the effects of calcium but there are other benefits of vitamin D that you should known of such as the increase of the metabolism of phosphorus; prevention of Type II diabetes, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, and cardiovascular diseases; regulation of blood pressure, responses of the immune system, and insulin; support of the mood and cognitive functions of older people; and the prevention of fatigue and all types of cancer.

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10 Selected Foods That are in the List Of Foods Rich In Calcium And Vitamin D

When you are told to drink your milk, eat your greens, or go out in the morning sun, you should do it. Any one of these activities will definitely help you with your daily allowances of calcium and vitamin D (choecalciferol). As you may know, calcium is responsible for strong bones and teeth; proper nerve function; efficient secretion of enzymes and hormones; and good contraction of muscles. Vitamin D makes the effective absorption of calcium in your body. It prevents cancer. It is also important for maintaining mental, bone, and cardiovascular health.

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