How Natural Sources Of Vitamin D2 Can Help You Attain Holistic Health

Vitamin D2 is also known as Vitamin D. It is commonly known as an enhancer of the effects of calcium but there are other benefits of vitamin D that you should known of such as the increase of the metabolism of phosphorus; prevention of Type II diabetes, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, and cardiovascular diseases; regulation of blood pressure, responses of the immune system, and insulin; support of the mood and cognitive functions of older people; and the prevention of fatigue and all types of cancer.

How do you know if you are deficient in vitamin D? Well, if you have weak muscles, stunted growth (children), frequent falling accidents (older individuals), asthma (children), impaired cognition (older individuals), fatigue, depression (older individuals), inadequate sunlight exposure, and weak immunity, you could be a candidate for vitamin D deficiency. You could consult your doctor if you suspect that you are lacking in vitamin D. you could be prescribed to take supplements but try and discuss these natural sources of vitamin D2 so that you may help your treatment without additional side effects:


1. Cod liver oil

One of the most common natural sources of vitamin D2 is cod liver oil that your grandmothers usually recommend. Just a tablespoon of this oil  gives you 1,360 International Units of vitamin D. Cod liver oil could also give you the essential  omega 3 fatty acids that you need.





2. Sun exposure

The sun is the best of the natural sources of vitamin D2. It is free after all and you can get it anytime you want, except if you live in an extremely cold northern climate. Exposing yourself to the sun provides you with much vitamin D even if you just stay for thirty minutes between ten in the morning ad three in the afternoon, about twice a week. You should discuss this with your doctor if you have a sensitivity to sunlight or UV rays or if you have skin cancer.




3. Eggs

Eggs are also natural sources of vitamin D2. They are also very rich sources of fats and protein. You have to consume the whole egg to get 20 IU of vitamin D. It’s good to eat the yolks for this reason.






4. Fish

The more you mature, the more you need vitamin D. If you are under fifty one years of age, you will need 200 International Units (IU) of this vitamin. If you are over fifty one up to seventy, then you need 400 IU. If you are aged above seventy one years, then you need 600 IU of vitamin D already. Fish that are rich in fats and oils are best natural sources of vitamin D2. From three and a half ounces salmon, you could already get 350 IU of vitamin D. The same amount of mackerel could give you 345 IU. Canned tuna salad gives 200 IU of vitamin D and drained 1.75 oz of sardines gives you 250 IU.




If you could not get the sun exposure or the all-natural foods that are rich in vitamin D because of underlying diseases that you have, you should talk to your doctor about fortified foods. These may not be natural sources of vitamin D2 but they are close to having natural sources of the vitamin. This is better than oral medications or supplementations of vitamin D. Some foods that are fortified with vitamin D are milk (98 IU), margarine (60 IU per tablespoon), and cereals (40 IU). You should read and check the labels of these fortified food items that you consider to be sure of what you’re getting.

Vitamin D or vitamin D2 is responsible for the increase of calcium and phosphorous flow in your bloodstream. It also enhances the functions of vital organs namely the kidneys, pancreas, and intestines. Vitamin D is apparently responsible for stronger bones and immune system. It is part of being a responsible individual to make sure that you get the proper vitamins and minerals for you to stay healthy. Getting the proper amounts of vitamin D is probably one of the best things that you could do because this vitamin encompasses all of your organ systems.

Cooperate with your doctor when it comes to getting your vitamin D the right way, according to your present health condition. Even if you are okay to be exposed to sunlight to get your vitamin D allowance, make sure that you follow the proper times and procedures when you do so. These natural sources of vitamin D2 could only be effective if you are able to get them and use them the best way you can. And no one could help you do that more than your healthcare practitioner.

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