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Treatments for Nerve Irritation

Do you experience tingling sensations and numbness, it is usually related to nerve irritation or damage. When your nerve is irritated, it may be caused by either being pinched or trapped. Nerve pinching or impingement is a very common condition wherein the nerve in the spine is being compressed between two spinal vertebrae. An overgrowth of bone or a protruding disc may be pressing on the nerve. A trapped nerve is a nerve that adheres to the soft tissues that surrounds it which includes the fascia, ligaments, and muscles.

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7 Easy Neck Pain Remedies

Neck pain can be a result of leaning over a table, having bad posture all day, every single day, and even using a mattress that is too soft for you.  Bottom line is that neck pain is mostly brought about by muscle tension. With all the activities that you can only do with the neck’s mobility, this area of your body is surely bound to have too much stress and strain. Your head weights eight to twenty pounds and it is just supported by a short stack of small bones named the cervical spine.

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Easy Home Neck Pain Treatment Methods

When you get tired from doing all those research and encoding or carrying those heavy sacks of beans to the shed, the first thing you rub is your neck. The pain can be very unbearable and may radiate to your head, arms, hands, and back. Ultimately, you end up having neck pain with the perks of other discomforts like lower back pain and headaches.

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Facts About Neck Traction Devices

Neck traction devices are used to relieve the pain brought about by spasms of the neck muscles or compression of the nerve roots. There is traction when there is an application of force on a body part to decrease the spasms through soft tissue stretching. Traction is utilized to separate the bony surfaces or joint surfaces.

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Conditions Resulting to Neck Pain And Dizziness

When you complain of neck pain and dizziness, this is usually the result of several conditions. This is when your dizziness is brought about by the pain or any problem that you are having with your neck or cervical vertebrae. The dizziness is usually described as clumsiness, off-balanced, unsteady or lightheaded. The patients who have experienced long-term dizziness have already established that what they are having is related to their neck injury or neck pain.

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Facts About Pinched Neck Nerves

You just came out of your doctor’s clinic with a diagnosis of a pinched neck nerve. The pain has been bothering you for quite a while and it was starting to debilitate you. Pinched neck nerves are brought about by a degenerative disease of the vertebral disc or neck arthritis. These conditions decrease the height of the disc and form bone spurs. A herniated vertebral disc can put pressure on a nerve that irritates the nerve, resulting to inflammation and pain. You could also acquire pinched neck nerves through a cervical spine injury.

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7 Treatments of Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition where there is a narrowing in one or more areas in the spine. This may affect the lower back or the neck.

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing in some parts of the spinal column. This condition puts excessive pressure on the spinal nerves and on the spinal cord.

The nerves affected may differ from one patient to another but generally, spinal stenosis can cause numbness or pain in the back, arms, shoulders and legs. A person with spinal stenosis may observe weakness of the limbs, loss of sensation in major extremities and problems in the bowel or bladder. Continue reading