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Digestive aids

Tip #1: Cover the Basics

Basic 1: Chew, Chew, Chew

  • Take smaller bites.
  • Put your fork down in between bites.
  • Try using chopsticks – it forces you to slow down.
  • Thoroughly chew each bite of food.
  • Carbohydrate digestion begins in the mouth – chewing grains thoroughly allows amylase, the digestive enzyme present in saliva, to digest the grains. Continue reading

Bromelain uses

Bromelain is extracted from the stems of pineapples. It has a history of folk and modern medicinal use. As a supplement it is thought to have anti-inflammatory effects. As a culinary ingredient it is primarily used as a tenderizer. Bromelain also contains chemicals that might interfere with the growth of tumor cells and slow blood clotting, according to laboratory research. Continue reading

Acerola cherry

Malpighia emarginata is a tropical fruit-bearing shrub or small tree in the family Malpighiaceae. Common names include acerola, Barbados cherry, West Indian cherry and wild crapemyrtle. Acerola is native from Southern Mexico, Central and South America, but now being also grown as far North as Texas and in subtropical areas – Asia and India. It is known for being extremely rich in vitamin C although it also contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and B3 as well as carotenoids and bioflavonoids which provide very important nutritive value and have possible antioxidant uses. This vitamin C produced by the fruit is better absorbed by human organisms than synthetic ascorbic acid. Continue reading

Acai and weight loss info

Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) berries have been making headlines as one of the healthiest foods on the planet. They’re supposed to be good for weight loss, anti-aging, and more. But can acai really help you lose weight, as the online ads promise?

Grown in the Amazon River basin in Brazil, acai is a deep purple berry that tastes like a combination of wild berries and chocolate. The berry’s anthocyanin content gives it its rich purple color. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that may protect the body against cancer, inflammation, diabetes, aging, neurological diseases, and bacterial infections.  Continue reading

8 natural ways to lower blood pressure

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, affects about one in three U.S. adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and 25 percent of American adults have prehypertension. Although you can soon be one of the millions of people who must rely upon the daily use of medications to keep their blood pressure under control, I always believed that it is better to be proactive and try to prevent the need for expensive drugs that come with a list of side-effects of their own. Here are 8 tips you can use as preventative measures against high blood pressure. Or, if you already suffer from it, incorporate them and work with your doctor to reduce the medications you need! Continue reading

How Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure Work For You

Elevated blood pressure or hypertension is already a common condition that so many people have these days. It is known as the disease that remains silent because you may be unaware that you already have it because you don’t have the symptoms showing. You may experience headaches, nosebleeds, and dizziness when you have hypertension.

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What Natural Remedies For PMS Can Do to Help You

Have you noticed yourself before you have your period? How do you feel? What significant changes do you experience during this time? Women experience PMS or premenstrual syndrome in different ways. Some have it with severity and others may not exhibit symptoms at all. In PMS, there are both emotional and physical changes that take place about one or two weeks before menstruation. This temporary condition stops when menstrual flow starts.

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9 Very Potent Natural Pain Relievers to Consider

Everyone experiences pain at any given day. This may be caused by environmental changes, injuries, or even underlying health conditions. This is a sensation that is very debilitating especially when it doesn’t go away quickly. Your doctor may prescribe NSAIDs or ordinary pain relievers but side effects really put you off.

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10 Easy-To-Do Homeopathic Methods of Natural Mold Allergy Treatment and Prevention


There are so many people who get affected by allergens all their lives. Some go instantly haywire in the presence of dander, pollen, smoke, and fumes. One of the most common allergies that you may have is mold allergy. Mold allergy is usually seen as a chronic condition that may be battled by those affected for years. Temporary relief by decongestants and antihistamines are just taken so that activities of daily living may be done.

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8 Effective Natural Herbal Remedies for Acne Scars

Almost everyone has experienced acne at some point in his or her life. Battles with acne results to acne scars that tend to remind you that you have fallen victim to this very embarrassing skin disorder. With the normal cell repair that your skin undergoes, acne scars could disappear but this could take months or years to happen. If you want to get rid of them a lot faster, you go to a dermatologist. Some people are very private about this aspect of their lives, so they would rather treat the mild acne scars that only require time and patience in the privacy of your own home. It may take a bit longer than the treatments that your skin doctor may give you but with persistence and dedication, you could make it happen.

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