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Diet menus for menopause Part 2

Just only recently have we seen some really good research showing the association between certain foods and nutrients and brainpower. Most of us know that after 40 we’re sort of in a decline. Our eyes are getting worse; we get injured more easily exercising; and our brain isn’t quite as sharp as we remember it being in our earlier years. Continue reading

Top 7 Secret Truths About the Fight Against Aging


Health and beauty are considered the key point s that have to be well-maintained in your life. If you have optimal health, it radiates and interprets into external beauty. If you are beautiful and glowing on the outside, that means that inside, you are healthy. Making sure that you are always healthy and beautiful really takes the toll on most people. You have to admit, paying attention to your own body means that you should really take the time and effort in making the right choices. It may even mean that you would have to make big changes in the way you live if you have to. But what happens when time catches up with you and you still want to take control over the inevitable? What if you decide to fight against the natural process of aging?

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