What Effective Natural Remedies For Wrinkles Can Do For A Younger You

Aging is inevitable. It is part of everyday growth and development. Some people do not look forward to it nor do they prepare for it because of the obvious reasons of weakness, disease, and of course, unsightly wrinkles. Whether you like it or not, your skin will wrinkle.

There are so many causes of wrinkles—fat reduction, gravity, and UV rays. Normally, when a person ages, your fat deposits under your skin are reduced. This causes moisture to escape faster, thus leaving your skin wrinkled up. Gravity tends to eventually work against your skin by causing sagging. Drooping of skin fold happen eventually and this makes the creases more pronounced. If you frequently expose yourself under the sun without any protection at all, then you are bound to have wrinkles as well. Read on and be familiar with some of the natural remedies for wrinkles that you could easily apply on your own:


1. Sun protection

UV rays or ultraviolet rays are one of the culprits of wrinkles. You should always see to it that you have sunscreen with a sun protection factor or SPF of more than fifteen. This goes hand in hand with one of the practical natural remedies for wrinkles which is to avoid the intense sun light between ten in the morning to four in the afternoon. This way, you avoid wrinkles and the possibility of skin cancer as well. UV rays destroy collagen and elastin overtime, resulting to unsightly skin wrinkling. The darker-skinned people usually have a lower probability of wrinkling up because of melanin. Even the everyday exposure to TV and computer monitors could cause you to have wrinkles. So whether you are outdoors or indoors, make sure that you wear your sunscreen or sunblock.



2. Eye protection

The skin around the eyes is also prone to wrinkling known as crow’s feet. It is one of the natural remedies for wrinkles to wear eye protection when you go out and expose yourself under the sun. This prevents you from frowning or squinting, thus prevents wrinkling in that area.





3. Supine position

The supine position in lying down is one of the best natural remedies for wrinkles that you can do when you are asleep. This prevents you from having creases on your face that would eventually become deeper are you age. This is really hard to change especially when you are so used to sleeping on your stomach. But you have to break the habit before it’s too late.




4. No smoking

One of the most effective and beneficial natural remedies for wrinkles is to stop smoking. This could prevent yur skin from drying up and having wrinkles and at the same time, prevent other diseases such as lung cancer or emphysema. When you smoke, this results to the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes and creases around your mouth, brought about by the pursing your lips when you puff.



5. Moisturize

Maintaining moisture on your skin is one of the natural remedies for wrinkles. Moisturizers that are compatible to your skin are very good in locking in the necessary moisture that helps in countering the deep creases. The moisture content puffs up the skin, lessening the appearance of wrinkles. These days, you could get moisturizers with sunscreen already.




6. Good facial expressions

It is said that when you smile, you work up less facial muscles. With this, it is one of the natural remedies for wrinkles if you avoid frowning and squinting. Learn to relax and meditate if you are greatly stressed out.






7. Egg whites

One of the best natural remedies for wrinkles is the application of egg whites. This compound effectively tightens up your skin and therefore, reduces the occurrence and worsening of wrinkles. Just apply it everyday on areas of your face that are prone to wrinkling such as the area around your eyes and your forehead.





8. Coconut oil

Another one of the natural remedies for wrinkles is applying coconut oil. Just gently massage coconut oil on wrinkle prone areas of your face before you sleep. If you combine vitamin E and virgin coconut oil, this results to a very effective night wrinkle cream that could yield results after a week.




9. Turmeric

Combining sugarcane juice and turmeric powder can really slow down the process of aging and wrinkling altogether. Just make it into a paste and apply it on the affected areas.






10. Grapes and pineapple


Fruits are natural remedies for wrinkles. Two of which are green Thomson grapes and pineapple. You could cut a green Thomson grape and squeeze it on your wrinkled facial areas. Let it stand for about twenty minutes, rinse off with your warm water, and just let it air dry. The pineapple core is another effective remedy. Rub it on your face and let it stand for ten to fifteen minutes before you rinse it off.




Consult your dermatologist first before you resort to any of these natural remedies for wrinkles. This is to make sure that no allergic reactions would come up and that your progress is evaluated well.

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