14 Clever Ideas in the Natural Remedies For Warts

Warts are usually associated with frogs and witches. They are indeed unsightly but have you ever wondered what causes warts? This dermatological problem is brought about by HPV or the human papillomavirus. Because the pathogen is a virus, you could easily get it through skin contact with another person who is already infected. If you already have a wart in an area of your body, you could easily spread it if you touch, scratch, shave the area of the wart or even bite your nails. Just break the skin and the HPV already enters your circulation.

How do you know if it is a wart? There are three basic types of warts—common, flat, and plantar. A common wart is usually small, hard, the color of your flesh, raised, and textured (seedy). Flat warts are considered the smallest, flat, brown/flesh.gray, and smooth. Plantar warts are in the foot area’s weight-bearing points, textured (seedy), hard, brown/gray, painful, flat, and could spread to mosaic warts. But even if you suspect the growth to be a wart, you should still see your doctor to be sure and to rule out any other skin problems like skin cancer.  If it is a wart, here are some of the natural remedies for warts that you could try at home:

1. Leave it

One of the natural remedies for warts that you could easily do is not to touch the wart. Just leave it alone. This would prevent it from spreading or from getting infected again. If ever you notice something that looks like a wart and you touched it, wash your hands immediately or don’t chew your fingernails at all.




2. Footwear

Another one of the sure fire natural remedies for warts is never to walk barefoot on any public wet areas like swimming pools, showers and even on hotel room carpeting. There might be someone already infected with a plantar wart that has already treaded those pavements and surfaces. It is always an effective protection to wear flip-flops. It would be safer to just bring your own footwear to make sure that you do not acquire unexpected infections.



3. Dry is good

Damp areas are ideal to warts. Therefore, it is one of the natural remedies for warts to keep your feet dry and change your socks frequently. Foot powder could help you maintain the dryness of your feet.





4. Cover

If ever you get a cut or a scrape, it is one of the natural remedies for warts to cover them. This way, HPV is prevented from entering your skin.






5. Baking powder & baking soda

One of the easy natural remedies for warts is the combination of baking powder with castor oil and making it into a paste. Apply this paste on your wart every single night, then covering it with a bandage. You can also dissolve baking soda in water and soak your affected area in it. After soaking, let the area dry naturally, allowing the baking soda to sit on it for a while. Just repeat this process until your wart is gone.




6. Good diet

Eating immune system strengthening foods such as broccoli, scallions, onions, sweet potatoes whole grain, garlic, rice, oranges, red meat, and sunflower seeds, is one of the natural remedies for warts.





7. Garlic

Aside from eating garlic and onions, you could also apply them onto the wart. Crush them raw and place them onto your warts.






8. Heat

Plantar warts could be effectively softened by soaking them in very hot water. This high temperature is said to kill the virus. Use the water when the heat is tolerable to you and will not burn you.






9. Vitamin C and vitamin E

If you have access to vitamin C and vitamin E tablets or capsules, you could use them as topical applications on your warts. A vitamin C tablet could be crushed. Then, water would be added to it to make a paste. This could be applied on the wart and then covered with a bandage. A vitamin E capsule could be pierced and then the liquid inside could be applied on the wart. A bandage is again wrapped around the wart while the vitamin E sits on it. Just repeat the processes until the wart is eliminated.



10. Castor oil

Application of castor oil with a swab is one of the natural remedies for warts that is best for  flat warts on the back of the hand or on the face. This is because of its acid content.






11. Carrots

Finely shredded carrots combined with olive oil turns into a paste that should be applied onto the wart for two to three weeks, about 30 minutes in a day, everyday.





12. Fig

One of the natural remedies for warts is using a fig as a topical application. Just leave the fog on the affected area everyday, religiously for about two to three weeks.





13. Juices

Lemon and pineapple juices are natural remedies for warts. After squeezing some lemon juice onto your wart and then covering it with fresh onions for thirty minutes (2-3 weeks). Pineapple juice could be used as a foot soak. It has a dissolving enzyme that softens the wart.





14. Aloe

You could break an aloe vera leaf and just get its viscous juice with a cotton swab. After that, you cover the wart with a bandage. This is to be covered with  a bandage. You need to do this everyday until your wart problem is gone.






Coordinate with your doctor when it comes to using one of the given natural remedies for warts. See to it that you keep a log of progress when you decide to follow these natural remedies for easy evaluation.

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