Neuromins: A Clear Focus

Neuromins is a brand of supplement that is derived from a vegetable source that is rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). DHA is one of the omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for your health. The common source of DHA is fish oil. This makes Neuromins very unique because this DHA comes from microalgae extracts. The microalgae if what the fishes actually eat so taking Neuromins is like going straight to the source of the known source.

DHA is a long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid that serves as the precursor of brain tissue, particularly the retina and the grey matter. During pregnancy, the fetal development is given utmost focus. As you know, it is very important for the fetus to achieve complete brain and nervous system development. When this happens, the other organ systems of the body are sure to function optimally. The visual cortex is also helped by DHA. Eyesight is one of the first senses that humans develop inside the womb and this only proves how important it is to have optimal vision.  When the pregnant woman gives birth, the DHA flow is not cut off. DHA is still provided by the mother through breastfeeding. This further enhances the development of the cerebrum. DHA is usually acquired through fish sources but if the person is a vegetarian, the amount of DHA in the body is significantly low.

Take a closer look at DHA and its innovative source—Neuromins.

1. More about DHA in Neuromins

DHA is normally obtained from your everyday diet. Infants get it from the placenta and the mother’s milk. In Europe and in Japan, DHA is added in infant formulas. Neuromins is the vegetarian source of DHA which is absolutely free of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and cholesterol. It can be said that Neuromins is a purified DHA supplement.





2. Microalgae

Neuromins is extracted from microalgae that is said to be the most inexpensive source of algae at present. It can be purchased at about 5,000 USD per pound. Microalgae can only be seen through the microscope. It is found in both marine and freshwater environments. These are single-celled organisms that do not have leaves, stems, or roots. They can perform the process of photosynthesis and are the primary source of energy for living systems on Earth. In manufacturing Neuromins, vitamin C and vitamin E are also added to enhance the effects of the vegetable based DHA.



3. Recommended dosage and contents

It is recommended for Neuromins to be taken 100-200 milligrams a day with food. If you are lactating or pregnant, you should take 200 milligrams daily. Each 200-milligram softgel capsule contains 200 milligrams of DHA, 0.125 milligrams of vitamin C and vitamin E, gelatin capsule, and high oleic sunflower oil.




4. Precautions and interactions

At present, there are still no founded precautions, interactions, or adverse reactions recorded when taking Neuromins.






5. Uses

A mentioned earlier, Neuromins  is a source of DHA that is responsible for building up brain tissue (grey matter) and visual components (retina). This omega-3 fatty acid is important in the normal development of the fetus that is why pregnant women have to take in 200 milligrams per day. But even in maturity, the person should still take daily allowances of DHA to really achieve optimal results. If the DHA levels are low,  the patient will experience visual disorders, alterations in disposition, neurological disorders, and loss of memory.



6. Indications

Neuromins is a very effective daily supplement for children and adults  who do not take in fish oils in the form of meals or gel capsules. It is not good for those who have seafood allergies to take in their DHA allowance from fish oil capsules. Doing so will only give them health problems that they try to avoid. Because of the sensitivity of some people to fish sources of supplements, Neuromins is ideal since it is derived from the microscopic plants that the fishes eat. The algal oil that is manufactured from the microalgae serves as a pure source of the DHA fatty acid. It is also a good supplement for vegetarians. DHA supplementation doesn’t stop at birth and cessation of breastfeeding. This should be continued until adulthood to maintain optimal brain function and overall good health.



Even if Neuromins is classified as a food supplement, you should still inform your doctor about it if you want to include this in your daily diet. This is to make sure that all is well even if you take other medications and supplementations for your present health condition. Communicate with your doctor all the time to assess the effects of the supplementation on your present health status.

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