10 Common Skin Problems During Pregnancy

The whole pregnancy experience can be different from one woman to another. Aside from the many physical changes that a pregnant woman may encounter, there are also psychological changes that matter in the care of a pregnant mother. Disturbed body image can be a problem if not addressed correctly.  So you have a big tummy that is announcing to the whole world that you are going to bear a child soon. You want to be proud to everyone but you are worried about how you look. Many pregnant mothers do not like to have their pictures taken because of disturbed body image while in pregnancy. They feel fat, they feel heavy, and they can see that a lot of changes are happening to their skin. Know the usual skin changes that may be a problem during pregnancy.

1.       Acne

Acne has always been a problem to many adolescents and while in pregnancy, this could be a problem. You might not have acne outbreaks during your younger days and now it is almost all over your face. You may have overcome that pimply stage and now you are having it again. Don’t worry because this will naturally go away when you have given birth. This is mainly due to the many hormonal changes that occur in the body. Just continue your cleansing rituals and avoid over exfoliating your skin. Pregnant skin can be very sensitive to abrasion. Do not prick them.

2.       Chloasma/Melasma Gravidarum

It is normal for pregnant mothers to develop blotchy areas of dark skin. It is called the Mask of Pregnancy. This is genetic in nature. It is usually found in the areas of the face—the nose, forehead, cheekbones, and upper lip. Just like a mask. There is nothing to worry about because it will go away after you gave birth.

3.       The pregnancy Glow

There may be some facial redness that gives you a “pregnancy glow” coupled with unusual facial oiliness, which gives them the waxy sheen.

4.       Linea Nigra

Notice the darkened vertical line in the middle of your tummy? In the pre-pregnancy state, you would notice that the Line Alba (white vertical line crossing the umbilicus) is too light to be seen. It is sometimes invisible to the eye to some people. Now that you’re pregnant, it becomes brown and thicker in size. For darker skinned women, it can be darker during pregnancy.

5.       Dark Areas Getting Darker

You may notice your areola and nipples getting darker or sometimes extend to larger spot around the nipple. This can make you feel less attractive but no need to worry. This is also due to hormonal changes and will go back shortly after delivery. There also can be skin discoloration in armpits, knees, under eyes, neck, nape, and inguinal areas. Now it becomes more difficult to choose clothes to wear. Don’t be embarrassed, you are just experiencing what most pregnant mothers experience too. Also, freckles and moles can be more defined and brownish in color. Do not be alarmed.

6.       Hairy Arms/Legs/Tummy

You may have fine hairs before pregnancy but now that you are pregnant, you find thickened hairs that may scare you on your tummy, arms, legs and sometimes the face. This could make you feel less attractive. Do not worry because these will be gone after birth. There is no need to shave or have them waxed. It really happens because of hormonal changes that occurs in the body during pregnancy.




7.       Red palms and soles

Palms and soles becomes extra pinkish or reddish in color. In this case, you may be experiencing palmar erythmia, which is just normal during pregnancy. This may be because of the added weight on the body.

8.       Spider Veins

Tiny capillaries form in the different parts of the body. Some may be very superficial and may have a spider-like shape. You may find yourself unattractive but this will go away after delivery. This is due to the increased capillary blood volume. Spider Nevi can be masked by the use of make-up foundation and concealers. Spider Nevi may take longer to go away after delivery than the other common skin problems during pregnancy.

9.       Skin Tags

The hyperactive growth of superficial skin may cause skin tags, which are tiny polyps. These can be usually noticed in the areas that experience great friction as with the underarms, between neck folds, nape area, under the bra lines. These can disappear after a few months postpartum but can be excised by a dermatologist if it bothers you. Do not excise it by yourself as it can lead to infections.

10.   Itching and Dry Skin

Skin of pregnant women can be very dry and flaky, thus causing severe itchiness. Avoid scratching. Applying moisturizers or lotions with cocoa butter and aloe vera can reduce scratch marks and skin to break. It can also reduce the itchiness.

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