How Natural THC Detox Methods Can Help You Get Your Health Back

If you have taken marijuana then you have tetrahydrocannabinol in your system. This chemical compound that is active in Cannabis sativa (marijuana) is known to be psychoactive. It gives you a certain high that influences your thoughts and behavior. Getting rid of THC from your body takes a few days but it can be done.

It is said that THC can be eliminated three to a hundred and twenty days from your system, which depends on how much and how long you have taken marijuana. If it is going to take that long, then wouldn’t it be better to resort to a natural THC detox? Here are some known effective methods of natural THC detox that you may want to discuss with your doctor:


1. Fiber

As you know, taking more fiber is an effective natural THC detox because it absorbs THC. Together with excess fat, THC is mobilized by the fiber to the colon and out of your digestive tract.





2. Cranberry juice and water

One of the best and most effective method of natural THC detox is drinking cranberru juice and water. It is the means by which you will not spend that much to get rid of THC from your body. in this process, you will be drinking water solely for the first three hours and on the fifth hour of the natural THC detox, you will only be drinking cranberry juice. A liter of water every hour will be consumed. It is only expected that you will go to the bathroom and relieve yourself more frequently. Then, a liter of cranberry juice will be consumed as well. By the time you drink the cranberry juice, you will be sweating profusely. This could be hastened more by staying in a sauna. You have to do this for four straight days. There are other ready-made drinks that could help you eliminate THC much faster but all they do is mask the effects of THC.


3. Niacin

Another effective means of natural THC detox is taking niacin. B3 or niacin is known to be a vasodilator that makes it possible for THC to be rid f your system at a much faster rate. The opened up vessels will allow the blood to carry the THC stuck in the fat tissues of your body. This will also allow the remaining toxins to be flushed out of your system.





4. Green tea

Green tea is also a very potent way to flush out THC. This natural THC detox method is rich in caffeine that enables your metabolism to shoot up and increase the flow of blood through your vessels. As a result, toxins, including THC will be eliminated much quicker and your system will be cleansed and rejuvenated at an increased pace.





5. Diet modification

Modifying your diet is also a sure way of natural THC detox. You should stop taking in sugars because this will only aggravate your craving. When you eat more vegetables and fruits, then you increase the amount of fiber in your system. Training your body to metabolize at a much faster rate is also a helpful thing. You can do this my having up to six small meals the entire day. If your metabolism increases, then you will have more fat and THC burned off. An increase in the intake of water will also help you eliminate more toxins from your body, including THC.



6. Healthy living

As always, one natural THC detox method that has been used through the years is the conversion to healthy living. Exercise and cessation of smoking are the best accelerators of THC detoxification. THC is stored in your fat cells. If you exercise to burn the fats, then you burn the THC off your system. If you also quit smoking, then you will be able to strengthen your immune system to support the elimination of THC. Plus, this will also stop you from craving marijuana again.




Remember that you have to be in the constant supervision of your attending physician when you undergo the natural THC detox given. This is to make sure that you do things right and not harm yourself more in the process. Holistic health is the goal even if your only want THC to be eliminated from your body. It is already very damaging for you to have taken marijuana in the first place. Maintaining the right attitude and the right state of mind will also help in the detoxification process. Vigilance and determination are also needed to fully rid your system of THC.

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