7 Safe and Natural Thrush Treatment For Babies to Consider

When you are pregnant, you are much more prone to having candidiasis. Candida albocans is a naturally occurring yeast species in the woman’s vagina. When it proliferates too much, it gives you a myriad of irritating symptoms that bring you discomfort such as constipation, mold allergy, fungal infections, fatigue, difficulty to memorize, mood swings, cravings, diarrhea, diabetes, rectal itching, heartburn, slow metabolism, and flatulence.

Since you are pregnant, your baby may have diaper rash, cradle cap, and oral thrush. Your baby will definitely have oral thrush if you have untreated yeast infection during your pregnancy. This is manifested by white patches on the tongue that bleed readily. When your baby has it, it can cause you to feel even more depressed, knowing that it was contracted from you. There are some ready-made medical solutions that your pediatrician may prescribe but do consider the following means of  natural thrush treatment for babies:


1. Coconut oil

When you add coconut oil to the ways of natural thrush treatment for babies, you should pertain to raw and pure virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil’s secret if the caprylic acid that it has as the active antifungal component. You could apply this directly to your affected nipples (If you are breastfeeding) and to your baby’s oral cavity so as to prevent the yeast from being transmitted to and from your baby over and over again. As you know, virgin coconut oil is very good for you and your baby because of the medium chain fatty acids. It is much more economical for you if you buy it online in bulk than in retail from drugstores or groceries. You could use it in a variety of ways and it stores well so you will have virgin coconut oil for a long time.


2. GSE (grapefruit seed extract)

It is said that grapefruit is an potent natural thrush treatment for babies. It is known to have chemical compounds that destroy pathogens such as harmful bacteria. It is commonly used as a disinfectant for kitchen counter tops and chopping boards. GSE is very effective in eliminating the yeast that causes your baby’s oral thrush an diaper rash.




3. Clove oil

This is one effective natural thrush treatment for babies that should be used with another carrier oil. It is a very effective antifungal but is too strong to be used on its own. You can use coconut oil as the carrier oil.






4. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is another natural thrush treatment for babies that is widely used. You can also use it for nail and other skin fungal infections. Just mix tea tree oil with olive oil or coconut oil and apply it onto your nipples. Rinse your nipples with warm water and pat them dry before you apply and then breastfeed. You could use it for the treatment of diaper rashes as well.




5. Sunlight

As  you well know, yeast thrives in dark, damp environments. If you expose your nipples for a few minutes to sunlight everyday, then you will surely help eradicate it from your body. When your baby yawns under sunlight, it could also help remove the oral thrush.





6. Apple cider vinegar

Unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar is an effective natural thrush treatment for babies that you can use in drops. Yeast doesn’t agree with apple cider vinegar so it is only natural that it would curl up and die in its ACV’s presence.





7. Sanitation

Keeping everything clean is probably one of the most practical natural thrush treatment for babies. Focus on the baby toys, breast pump, and bottle feeding nipples that you use. Also disinfect the face towels, bibs, wash cloths, and the underwear that both you and your baby use. After washing these items, dry them under the intense heat of the sun.





Oral thrush is very difficult for your baby to experience. It can be a very traumatic thing for someone who has just been born into this world to suffer from such a condition. Work well with your baby’s pediatrician in using any natural thrush treatment for babies  that you may want to try. You should always take note that your baby’s safety, comfort, and health should be prioritized. Any condition that isn’t treated early may result to more aggravated health issues in the future. Of course, in making sure that your baby does not have oral thrush, prevention is key. This means that it starts with you as the mother. You should practice methods that will prevent you from acquiring vaginal yeast infections so that when you become pregnant, your baby will be safe from oral thrush.

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