7 Important Things to Consider in Taking Natural Thyroid Medication

Basically, the thyroid is responsible for the production of hormones that control or regulate your rate of metabolism. It also handles your body’s hormone sensitivity and how well  it utilizes energy. Thyroid diseases affect the rate of metabolism that you have. You may exhibit several symptoms such as coarse skin, sleeplessness, cold feet and hands, headaches, cold sensitivity, swollen eyes, fatigue, fragile nails, dizziness, and aching joints.

Even when your doctor already acknowledges these symptoms and performs blood work, your real disorder may not be that well diagnosed especially when it is related to your thyroid. So when it comes to taking good care of your thyroid and avoid under diagnosis, you should have a healthy diet and use natural thyroid medication. Before you actually start taking them you should know what considerations you should make. You and your doctor should know if you are diagnosed with heart disease, atrial fibrillation, irregular heartbeats, and premature beats of the ventricle. These can also be brought about by diet and other medications that you take. Here are some of the common considerations that you have to remember when you take your natural thyroid medication:


1. Taking them

When you take natural thyroid medication, it is said that it should be without food. It should be before you eat and make sure that you drink non-fluoridated water with it. If you drink fluoridated water, it will depress your thyroid. It is said to be most beneficial to you if you take your natural thyroid medication in the morning two hours before any other food or drink.




2. Herbs

Natural thyroid medication involves the use of some herbs. Some of them are purple mountain ebony (Kanchanara-Bauhinia veriegata), Shilajeet-Asphaltum puniabiunum, licorice, and bladder wrack (Fucus vesiculosus). Purple mountain ebony facilitates the thyroid’s proper functioning. Shilajeet is the wonder drug of India that is equipped with 85 vital minerals. Licorice is the herb that balances the energy formation and the glands. Bladder wrack is a natural iodine source. These herbs are used in manufacturing natural thyroid medication that you take as prescribed by your doctor.



3. Storage

Make sure that you always store your natural thyroid medication in a cry and cool place. Exposing them to very high heat such as when you store them by the oven or in your car, will definitely affect their potency.






4. Diet modification

Changing your diet is one way to enhance the effects of your natural thyroid medication. You should start incorporating coconut oil, unrefined sea salt and vegetable juices could really help you with the health of your thyroid. At the same time, you should avoid eating refined carbohydrates, potatoes, caffeine, and wheat flour.





5. Sublingual

It is recommended for you to take natural thyroid medication sublingually. This means that you should place it under your mouth. It is where numerous capillaries are found. It is where medications are readily absorbed and circulated into your body. Just place the natural thyroid medication under your tongue and let it dissolve there (it takes thirty minutes to an hour and a half). Wait for the medication to fully dissolve and wait another hour before eating or drinking anything besides non-fluoridated water.


6. Splitting doses

Splitting the natural thyroid medication is said to make it more effective. Half of the medication should be taken in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. This is to make sure that the potency of the medication is attained.





7. Factors

There are certain factors that influence you to consider taking natural thyroid medication. You have to know the symptoms of low thyroid such as weight gain, constipation, feeling cold, fatigue, depression, and sluggishness; if your axillary temperature is below 97.6 degrees; if your knee doesn’t go back to its original position right away after being hit with a reflex hammer; if your TSH is above 3.0, which means your pituitary gland is working extra hard; and if there is an increase T3 level that blocks the thyroid.



When you take natural thyroid medication, you should avoid taking any form of soy because this is known to neutralize their potency. You should also avoid taking natural thyroid medication when you have just taken supplements like magnesium, calcium, or iron. These given supplements could also neutralize the effects of the natural thyroid medication that you just took. Remember that you should also improve your diet by having more iodine sources as mentioned, particularly nuts and seafood. But discuss this food item with your doctor. You should be tested for nut and seafood allergy first before you incorporate them into your diet. You wouldn’t want to have an extreme allergic reaction when all you want is to make your thyroid better.

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