Cure Anxiety: The Natural Way

 What is anxiety? Are all people easily affected with anxiety? Are there any foods or activity can help to prevent anxiety? 

Anxiety is an emotional condition wherein characterized by emotion of great fear or apprehension.  It is a future-oriented disposition order in which one is set to go with the future negative events.  It is a long-acting and future-focused promoting warning to the nearness of a possible threat.  A person with anxiety tends to anticipate adversity at all times and feel uneasiness with no reasons at all.  It eventually affects the daily activities of the person having anxiety.

There are no exact causes of anxiety but there are factors affecting the chance of developing anxiety and these are the following.

  • Genetic is the main factor that can affect of having anxiety.  Family history has a big part in having a possibility that an individual will develop anxiety.  It only shows that anxiety may be passed on in families.
  • The second is the brain chemistry.  Anxiety is related to unusual levels of neurotransmitters in the brain.  These neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that transfer information from nerve cell to another.  If the neurotransmitters are not balance, the information or message can not pass through all the way of the brain properly.  This can modify the manner of the brain respond to a definite situations leading to anxiety.
  • Environmental factors like painful and traumatic event may also lead to anxiety.   It may turn out to be even worse during the period of stress.


Symptoms of Anxiety

  • An individual shows unreasonable worry or nervousness.
  • A person has unlikely visions of problems.
  • There is a feeling of restlessness
  • A person shows irritability easily.
  • There is a presence of muscle tension.
  • There is a frequent headache.
  • Excessive sweating and has a difficult in concentrating.
  • A person experience nausea.
  • A person gets tired easily.
  • There is a need to go to the bathroom more often.
  • A feeling of tiredness and trembling.
  • Hard to fall and stay asleep.
  • A person gets upset so easily.


If a person have all these symptoms, it will be more likely to develop anxiety.  Although, anxiety can not be prevented but there are ways that can help to control or reduce the symptoms of it which includes the following:

  • Avoid or lessen the intake of coffee, tea, cola, chocolate and other products containing caffeine.  It may only worsen the hard to fall and stay asleep.
  • Drive away yourself from alcohol for it may only bring irritating effect.
  • Before taking any herbal or over-the-counter medicines should consult first a medical expert for they may contain chemicals that can lead to enhancement of anxiety symptoms.
  • Do a physical work-out everyday and eat a nutritious and balanced diet.
  • Ask for psychotherapy after having a distressful experience.
  • Observe stress management techniques like yoga.


If all these preventions will be strictly followed with the intake of the following vitamins then anxiety will not be a part of your life.  Taking the natural remedies is the most effective protection against anxiety.  It provides resistance to the body controlling the symptoms of anxiety.

The Most Valuable Anti-Anxiety Vitamins and Minerals


1.  Magnesium

It has a natural muscle relaxant effect that is very good for a person with anxiety disorder.  It can be found in avocados, almonds, spinach, pumpkin seeds and whole grain cereals.  Great intake with all the foods rich in magnesium will bring a great effect for a person with anxiety.



 2.  Niacin

Niacin or known as Vitamin B3 aids in dealing with the blood sugar swings.  It is very important to control the blood sugar level because when blood sugar decreases the adrenaline and cortisol is being release and these are also the hormones being release when a person is stress.  Foods rich in niacin are in tuna, rice, chicken and turkey.

3.  Pantothenic acid


Pantothenic acid or known as Vitamin B5 is can be found in yogurt, mushrooms, salmon and avocados.  They help to lessen the stress hormones and it is most intended for anxiety and panic.

 4.  Calcium


Exceptional sources of calcium are of course the dairy products, the broccoli and salmon.  It helps the nerve cells to transfer the message or information with the stressed muscle when in anxiety state.

 5.  Folic acid


Folic acid, under the vitamin B complex group has an anti-depressant effect that effectively reduce the anxiety symptoms is can be found in lentils, chickpeas, leafy green vegetables and turkey.




In treating anxiety in natural and effective way will lead to a worry-free and fulfilled life!


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