10 Effective Ways to Burn Fat

Everyone dreams of eating everything that they want and never get fat at all. That would definitely be the day when everybody could finally give up strict diet routines. The main idea in burning fat is to increase the rate of your metabolism. When you are still young, your body is really active and your metabolism is always at its peak. But when you get to a certain age, metabolism slows down.  When this happens, all that you eat just stays stagnant in your body and never gets used by your body for energy.

Metabolism is the component in your body that is always at a ready to burn fat. If you want to get back that fast metabolism that you used to have, then all you have to do is train your body’s metabolism to speed up again. Here are some of the effective ways that you should keep in mind if you want to burn fat fast, no matter how old you are now:


1. Drink green tea

Green tea is an effective food item that has components that fight cancer and increase your metabolism at the same time. The more you drink green tea, the more you burn fat. Green tea three times everyday, speeds up your metabolism by about 4%.  This means that you could burn 60 cal in one day or 6 lbs in one year.




2. Lift weights

Your muscles get to burn or breakdown calories about 9 times more than fat. Lifting weights or weight training could increase the rate of your metabolism even if you’re just sitting down. You burn fat more when you do this plus, you also get to tone those necessary areas.





3. Increase iron intake

Iron is needed by your blood so that it could carry more oxygen to different parts of your body. If you increase your iron intake, the more oxygenized you body can be. This will facilitate an increased activity and metabolism, which will result to burning fat more.





4. Drink more water

More water, also increases the amount of oxygenated blood to different parts of your body. Well-hydrated, well-oxygenated tissues make your body function better, thus, making metabolism faster and more efficient. This, therefore, makes you burn fat and 17,400 cal more in about a year.





5. Check your thyroid

Maybe you should have your thyroid checked if you suspect that your metabolism is getting slow. Your thyroid gland is the one responsible for controlling your metabolism. If you find yourself not losing any weight despite the fact that you are not eating even half as much as before, then it is probably because you have hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid. You may have to take thyroid supplements to raise the activity of your thyroid to get your metabolism going again.



6. No alcohol

Alcohol is known to slow metabolism. If this happens, you know that you don’t burn fat efficiently. You should avoid alcohol as much as possible and just replace this with water instead.






7. Increase workouts

Increasing your activities will make your body use up more calories. To enable your body to do this, the calories should be burned for energy. When this happens, then you burn fat faster.






8. Avoid regular dairy

Regular dairy is a rich source of fat. If you cannot get rid of dairy products in your daily diet, then you should just replace them with alternatives. Non-fat or low-fat dairy products are available for you to choose from. The less fat you take in the faster you could get rid of the fat that’s already stored in your body. You can definitely burn fat faster when you have less fat to burn.




9. Eat more fish

The more fish you eat, the lower leptin hormones you have. When you don’t, you tend to have higher leptin hormones and this results to a slower rate of metabolism. You will burn fat more if your eat more fish.






10. De-stress

High levels of stress increases the cortisol levels in your body. When this happens, you have an increased appetite but slower rate of metabolism. This results to an increase in abdominal fat storage. So if you are subjected to lots of stress, make sure that you resort to an activity that relieves you of your everyday worries. This could decrease your cortisol and therefore increase your body’s ability to burn fat.




You could also burn fat by eating snacks, avoiding too much starch, eating more bananas, and getting more sleep. These all help your body speed up its metabolism and increase its ability to burn fat. Be sure to check with your doctor to monitor your health status while you get slimmer everyday.

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