9 Natural Sexual Performance Enhancers That Really Work

Sexual performance is very important in men. They gauge their manhood in how much they satisfy their female partner. The pleasure that they should give the woman is said to be helped a lot by the erection that they have during the sexual act. With longer arousal and hardness of the male genitalia, it is more possible for the female to achieve sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Because of the medical milestones that have been achieved through the years, erection is jut a pill away. It is much easier for men to have that necessary erection that they want and need to engage in a much more satisfying sexual activity with their  partners. Most older men resort to Viagra or Sildenafil citrate to achieve longer erection. This is because of the inefficient blood flow to their genitalia brought about by underlying diseases or natural aging. But there are much younger ones who indeed use this blue pill to perform longer in bed. Here are some of the natural sexual performance enhancers that you could try to make your sex life more fruitful the natural way:

1. Diet

A healthy diet is one of the best natural sexual performance enhancers. You don’t necessarily ingest so-called aphrodisiacs. You just have to maintain a steady intake of healthy foods. Good amounts of fruits and vegetables give you a high dosage of antioxidants that rejuvenate your body, giving you a much more energized performance during sex.




2. Exercise

A good amount of exercise is one of the most recommended natural sexual performance enhancers that you can get. If you exercise regularly, your circulation improves, therefore providing more oxygen to different parts of your body, particularly your brain and reproductive system. Exercise also gives you more endurance when it comes to sexual performance because of the highly toned muscles that you use.




3. Relaxation

In most of diseases and conditions, stress is the usual culprit. This prevents you from focusing on the sexual act and on your partner, which results in poor sexual performance. If you take the time to relax and meditate a few times in a week, you could release all that unnecessary tension that comes between you and your  sexual relationship. This in one of the most effective natural sexual performance enhancers that you could ever have stashed in your back picket anytime, anywhere.



4. B5 and choline

Taking B5 and choline supplements provide better sexual endurance for men. All you have to do is take it about twenty minutes before you initiate the sexual act. You don’t have to actually time its effectiveness before you start. You can do the sexual act as its effects kick in.





5. L-arginine

Nitric acid is known bring about penile erection. You could only get more nitric acid in your body if you have more L-arginine in your system. L-arginine is  the precursor of nitric acid so you have to get a hold of this natural supplement.





6. Yohimbine and yohimbe

Yohimbe or Corynanthe yohimbe grows in the West part of Africa. The inner bark of the tree is brewed and is taken for the amplification of your sexual prowess and virility. On the other hand, yohimbine is responsible for stimulating the production of chemicals in the brain that help in the sexual act. These are definitely natural sexual performance enhancers that you have to try.



7. Proper stimulation

One of the usually overlooked natural sexual performance enhancers is proper stimulation. You should take note of the various areas of your partner’s body that you could touch or caress. This would definitely make the sexual performance better because arousal kicks in better. Take the time to know each other physically. It isn’t that difficult to do when you are intimate already.




8. Open relationship

Having and maintaining an open relationship is one of the natural sexual performance enhancers that you could have. In being open to one another, you will be able to verbally express what you want and don’t want during the sexual act. This would allow each of you to heighten your arousal and explore each other better.





9. Experimentation

When you experiment various sexual techniques and positions, you increase the level of the body’s real sex organ—the brain. This also allows both of you to have more freedom in trying various changes in your sexual practices to eliminate boredom.






Don’t be afraid to talk to one another when it comes to trying the given natural sexual performance enhancers. When you discuss openly, you get a clearer picture of what to expect and what to do whenever you engage in sex. Never forget to consult your doctor, too, to make sure that you are doing things right. It will also allow the chance for an evaluation of your progress.

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