What Essentials Does Natural Prostate Health Have ?

The prostate is part of the male reproductive system that is found just below the urinary bladder. It is about the shape of a walnut and is responsible for the production of semen or seminal fluid. There are a number of men who experience prostate disorders. This is because the prostate envelopes the urethra. As you know, the urethra is responsible for draining urine from the urinary bladder. Some of the common prostate disorders are BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia, enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, and prostatitis.

These given prostate disorders are often realted to the changes in steroidal reproductive hormones that are very much age0related. When you reach 40 years old, your testosterone levels lower. Your female hormones and your DHT or dihydrotestosterone increase. DHT is said to stimulate the growth and therefore, the enlargement of the prostate. Prostate health should always be kept in mind if you aim to have a good male reproductive health. Here are some of the essential facts that will help you in having an ideal natural prostate health:


1. Diet and supplements

One way of assuring natural prostate health is through your diet and supplementation. Red meat should be trimmed down to only once every week. Dairy and eggs should also be limited in your diet. You should concentrate more on eating fruits and vegetables. It is said that if you eat more fruits and veggies, you will be much more protected from prostate disorders, especially prostate cancer. Calcium is known to inhibit the useful effects of vitamin D. You should eat more foods that are tomato-based and also fruits like grapefruit, watermelon, and guavas. These food items are known to have the antioxidant lycopene that prevents the occurrence or worsening of prostate cancer.  Fruits contain the natural sweetener, fructose that reduces your risk of getting prostate cancer and increases the production of vitamin D, that stops the progression of tumors. Zinc also suppresses the enlargement of the prostate. Just eat pumpkin seeds to get your daily allowance of zinc. Selenium also reduces your risk of getting prostate cancer. Both vitamin D and E inhibit cancer of the prostate. Soy and soy-based foods have genistein that inhibits cancer. Garlic has compounds that contain sulfur and is therefore capable of fighting cancer as well.


2. Herbs

Herbs do a lot when it comes to natural prostate health. Saw palmetto is one of the helpful herbs that stop and eliminate DHT through by decreasing the amounts of estrogen. This potent herd was found to be more effective that Proscar, which is more expensive and brings about erectile dysfunction. Pygeum is an African herb that treats prostatitis, prostate enlargement (by DHT), and BPH. Cernilton is known in Europe. This is derived from rye pollen that also treats prostatitis and BPH. Stinging nettle is a versatile herbal solution for BPH.


3. Homeopathy

Homeopathy could help in attaining natural prostate health. This is an alternative method of healing for disorders of the prostate. Some of the homeopathic treatments for disorders of the prostate are Causticum, Kali bic, Apis, Staphysagria, Selenium, Chimaphilla umbellata, Clematis, and Pulsatilla.




4. Magnetic fields

It was already scientifically proven that various types of cancers including prostate cancer could be treated by spending hours sitting on a magnetic pad everyday. The north part of the field is said to inhibit the growth of the tumors. This part of the magnetic field is the one used to prevent prostate cancer.





Natural prostate health can be achieved by ideal changes in lifestyle and diet. You could incorporate many positive and beneficial modifications that could lessen your risk in acquiring prostate disorders. If you really want to have a healthy male reproductive system, then you should learn to sacrifice a lot of excessive indulgences that can be seen in the types of food and activities that you have. You also have to very vigilant in making sure that your health is optimal. One of the very magnified prostate disorders is prostate cancer. This is slow-growing and requires regular check-ups and follow-ups. It is really up to you if you want to secure a healthy prostate. Underlying health conditions and old age could also contribute in the state of your natural prostate health. Men who are usually aged 40 to 59  years are diagnosed with enlarged prostates. And from these patients, a significant number could develop prostate cancer.

There are a myriad of conventional treatments and medications for prostate disorders. But for those who prefer natural prostate health, alternative solutions are given much attention. Always coordinate with your doctor to make sure that your optimal health is well-taken care of.

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