8 Easy Natural Remedies For Depression In Men

In general, depression is a condition that manifests itself by affecting thoughts, moods, and body. This could easily make a person’s life very difficult to manage and may utterly destroy the normal activities of the day. It may also affect the relationships that a person has. If not dealt with properly, depression could lasts for long periods of time.

Men are known to have more difficulty in dealing with crises than women. They have a hard time in dealing with their negative emotions, unlike women, who easily express how they feel. This is why when a man is depressed, he should be give attention to help him vent out how he feels. Depression occurs in men more often than it does in women. You can tell if a man is suffering from this condition if there is a great loss of interest in everything, headaches, diarrhea/constipation, chronic pain, disturbance in sleep, irritability, and fatigue. Men usually feel very worthless and excessively guilty when they are depressed. Substance abuse is the usual resort to male depression. With this, healthcare professionals have a very difficult time in properly recognizing and diagnosing the condition.

When men age the stress that they feel is brought about the retirement stage of their life. At this time, they stop work and have more time doing nothing. This results to low self-esteem, loss of friends, loss of family, grief, sadness, and they even lose interest in doing the things they usually do. This may aggravate the underlying illnesses or may bring about new health conditions such as cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases. Men have a higher risk for depression because of medications, underlying diseases, hormonal fluctuations, substance addictions, and stress. Your doctor may prescribe conventional medications but it is better to resort to natural treatments. Read on and take note of the following natural remedies for depression in men:


1. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is one of the natural remedies for depression in men. It involves the use of guided imagery and biofeedback. These techniques monitor the physical effects of depression on the body. This helps the doctor recommend solutions that will correct the physical abnormalities due to depression.




2. Exercise

Exercise is  another one of the effective natural remedies for depression in men. Regular physical activity is a must in busting depression. It increases the production of endorphins that make you feel good. Exercise also makes sure that there is good circulation throughout your entire body. This relieves the physical manifestations of depression such as pains and prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.




3. Massage

Massage is included in the natural remedies for depression in men. This eases the tension and improves circulation in your body.  It also eases the mind and raises self-esteem.





4. Relaxation

Natural remedies for depression in men involve relaxation methods such as prayer and meditation. This helps in refocusing the mind and in relieving the depression that you feel. Relaxation methods result to a feeling of being renewed and recharged.





5. Breathing therapy

Breathing therapy is one of the natural remedies for depression in men that makes you release all of your worries with the use of various depths of breathing. The oxygenation that this brings helps in the better functioning of the body in general and gets rid of physical manifestations of depression such as pain and fatigue.



6. St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is one of the herbal and natural remedies for depression in men that helps increase serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters that regulate depression and mood swings. This herb comes in the form of dried leaves and pills. You could take the tea form about 2-4 times everyday.




7. Omega 3 fatty acids

You could get your dose of omega 3 fatty acids by eating nuts, fish oil supplements, and fish meat. Daily servings of foods or supplements everyday will give you your needed allowance.





8. B6 Vitamin

B6 contributes to the production of dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters. Men (adults) are advised to take 1000 milligrams of vitamin B6 everyday. You could get this vitamin naturally through meats, fruits, and vegetables.





Men could acquire depression if they do not have the proper support group that they need such as family and friends. They should always be spoken to so that their negative feelings will be vented out.  If they have underlying diseases or conditions, these should be targeted and treated first to lessen the occurrence of depression. Regular consultation and communication with your doctor is also highly recommended in taking these natural remedies for depression in men to make sure that your overall well-being is well cared for.

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