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The 12th Week of Pregnancy: What Every Woman Should Expect

Finally, at the end part of the first trimester of pregnancy, two more to go! Now that you have arrived the 12th week of pregnancy, you may notice that your body is showing the world, in pride that you are really pregnant. Most women are finally showing their bump at the twelfth month. This bump may not be a big, prominent one, but you and the people around you can finally see the difference.  Congratulations and celebrate it! Continue reading

12th Week Of Pregnancy – Know What This Stage Brings To Expectant Mothers

Being pregnant is one of the things women would like to experience. Many women find pregnancy to be a life achievement especially if they want to start their own family.  But even before pregnancy or during the early weeks of pregnancy, it’s vital to know its various stages like 12th week of pregnancy.

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