6 Effective All-Natural Ways To Increase Fertility In Men

Passing on genetic traits and ensuring the propagation of the species has always been the goals of the males. The human male species are of no exception. If the man is able to father a child, then he is sure that his legacy will be carried on.  A number of the human male population suffers from low fertility. This is brought about by so many factors in this ever-busy world.

Some of the reasons as to why you could be suffering from low fertility are sedentary living and poor diet. If the woman has a normal reproductive system but the couple still doesn’t conceive, then the male partner’s fertility should be evaluated. There should be no apprehensions when it comes to looking into your capacity to produce children. It should not be something to be embarrassed about because there are really some things that you cannot help happening. Here are some of the natural ways to increase fertility in men  that you could discuss with your partner and doctor:


1. No smoking

Smoking lowers the amount of oxygen that circulated in your body through your blood. If you avoid smoking as one of the natural ways to increase fertility in men, then you assure the better oxygenation that your reproductive organs will have. If there is improved oxygenation in your reproductive organs, then the possibility for you to father children will increase because of the higher sperm count.




2. No alcohol and No drugs

Alcohol and drug intake should not be encouraged as one of the natural ways to increase fertility in men. Having a high amount of drugs and alcohol in your blood will lead to defective sperm or poor sperm quality.





3. Balanced diet

A balanced diet should be one of the primary natural ways to increase fertility in men. Doing this makes your hormone levels balanced as well. If your hormone production is all right, then sperm production is good as well. If your erratic diet is corrected, then you  are on your way to a healthier body and a more positive outlook. Start including fish, grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, poultry, seeds, legumes, and brown rice among others. You should also increase water intake everyday so that toxins may be flushed out of your system. Eating pumpkin seeds should also be included in your diet regime. They are rich in fatty acids and zinc. Zinc makes the production of sperm very much improved. Taking in 100-200 mg of zinc will increase levels of testosterone, improve sperm count, and hasted sperm motility. You could also get this mineral from legumes, wheat germ, nuts, lean beef, organ meats,  turkey, oysters, and lamb. Taking 1000-2000 milligrams of ascorbic acid or vitamin C everyday is ideal to prevent the sperm from adhering to one another. Arginine should also be taken to improve sperm motility and sperm count. You could get your daily dose of this mineral from fish, meat, dairy, nuts, poultry, and chocolate.



4. No chemicals

Another one of the natural ways to increase fertility in men is to avoid chemical exposure. With the rampant technological improvements these days, men engage in jobs subject them to a myriad of harmful chemicals that affect their sperm production and quality. As a result, the men of today only produce half the kind of sperm that men produced years ago. You should avoid using plastic utensils and plastic bottles. You should not store food in plastic containers. You should also avoid the use of chlorine.



5. Watch your health

Being vigilant in your state of health is also helpful in making sure that you have the chance to become a father. Watching what you eat is a good thing to start with. You should avoid refined sugars, preservatives, alcohol, coffee, nicotine, and tea. Another one of the natural ways to increase fertility in men is maintaining your ideal weight. This eliminated the excess fat that surrounds your testicles that increase the temperature in that area. High temperature decreases sperm count. Do this by engaging in regular physical activity. Getting a licensed dietitian and trainer could really help you strictly attain and maintain this. It won’t be easy but you will be able to gain a higher sperm count and a higher possibility of conceiving.



6. Natural supplements

You could also take natural supplements such as L-carnitine, L-arginine, astralagus, found palmetto, ginseng, co-enzyme A10, B12, selenium, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin E as one of the natural ways to increase fertility in men.






Part of the natural ways to increase fertility in men is to always get in touch with your partner and your doctor. This way, you progress will be better evaluated and you will have the necessary support that you need as the process goes on.

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