10 Effective Natural Wart Removal Methods

When you have a nasty wart, looking in the mirror becomes a chore. It could really upset you when you see a weird, unsightly growth anywhere in your facial area. Maybe your case is too much for you already that you really would give anything just to get rid of that wart. You have undergone so many treatments to eliminate it but somehow, they just don’t seem to work at all.

It is already a common practice to turn to OTC drugs when you have a wart problem. Some who have access to dermatologists have wart removal treatments that have their warts burned, cut off, or frozen. But can warts really be banished? Warts are caused by HPV (human papilloma virus) and sadly, it doesn’t go away once contracted. Warts will just be recurring in other areas of your body because of easy transfer of the virus. But do not lose hope. What is the best natural wart removal  that you could possibly use? Read on and find out what works for you:


1. Aloe vera

Using aloe vera extract is a natural wart removal   that has long been used by so many. The juice form of this herb is effective in boosting your immune system as well. The cream form is directly applied onto the warts. It is so commonly known to remove warts that it is the usual active ingredient in several OTC wart remedies.




2. Vitamin C

The best method of natural wart removal  is to strengthen your immune system. Taking a daily allowance of vitamin C will help you attain this. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is an effective antioxidant that enables you to improve your immune system. If your immunity is strong, then you can prevent the occurrence and recurrence of warts. You get your RDA of vitamin C from oranges, papaya, mango, kiwi fruit, peppers (orange, red, and yellow), sweet potatoes, broccoli, maitake mushrooms, shiitaki mushrooms, and reishi mushrooms. You should always maintain a very strong level of immunity so that you may be able to enjoy your activities without the worry of having a wart plaguing your life.



3. Banana peels

One very popular natural wart removal method is banana peels. The potassium content present in the banana peels help in fighting the HPV. Just tape a piece of banana skin onto the wart everyday and surely, the wart will go away after a week.





4. Cauliflower juice

Making your own cauliflower juice is another natural wart removal method. Just place some cauliflower in a blender and puree it. Just add enough water to make the puree then rub the finished product onto the wart. This would have to be done in a week or two weeks and eventually, the wart will get peeled off on its own.





5. Diet

Cleansing your body with a fruit fasting diet is a natural wart removal  method that you can apply. This could be followed through by starting and maintaining the intake of organic food and clean water. You should stay away from artificially flavored and processed foods that only add impurities to your body.




6. Tea tree oil

Because of the antiseptic property of tea tree oil, it clears away the infections on your skin immediately when applied topically. Just make use of a cotton pad to apply it onto the wart two times a day. In just about a week, the wart will go away.





7. Garlic

Applying crushed garlic onto the wart is a natural wart removal  that has always been effective. Just do this before bedtime with the use of a bandage and remove it during the day. This should be practiced for about two weeks to take full effect.





8. Pineapple juice

Another natural wart removal  is using freshly squeezed pineapple juice and combining it with either honey or castor oil and applied onto the wart for about two weeks.






9. Onion

Another proven natural wart removal  is to soak the small pieces of onions for six to twelve hours. Then you take a small piece and tape it onto the wart. This is especially effective for plantar warts.






10. Apple cider vinegar

A common natural wart removal  is to use apple cider vinegar. Use a small cotton ball to absorb some of the apple cider vinegar and tape it onto the wart overnight. In just a week, your wart will disappear. You could also use lime juice or alcohol with the same method.






Make sure that you always consult your doctor before trying any of the given methods of natural wart removal. This is to make sure that the one you decide to use is suited for your present health condition and to evaluate your progress properly.

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