5 Guides to Good Female Sexual Health

Are you having problem with your female sexual health?  If you find it persistent and recurring and already causing problems in relationship with your partner, what you are going through is female sexual dysfunction.

A lot of women experience problems with their female sexual health at some stages in their lives.  In some women, sexual dysfunction can be a lifetime problem or sometimes it occurs in later stages of their lives once you’ve experienced a stage of satisfactory functioning.

Female sexual dysfunction is common for most women and has various probable symptoms and causes.  Just communicate with your worry and being considerate of your body’s response to sexual activity can be helpful steps in attaining sexual satisfaction.

Female sexual dysfunction can be develops at any age.  However, it frequently occurs when there is a fluctuation in hormones particularly in menopausal stages and after giving birth.  Problems in female sexual health may also occur with severe disease like cancer or cardiovascular illness.

What are the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction?

The following are the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction.

  • The desire to have sexual activity is low or lacking.
  • The arousal during sexual activity cannot be maintained or there is an absence of arousal in spite of desire to have sex.
  • There is an absence of orgasm.
  • There is an experience of pain during sexual contact.


What are the causes of female sexual dysfunction?


There are number of factors that may lead to sexual dysfunction and these are the following.


  • There are certain physical health conditions that may contribute to female sexual health problem like sexual dysfunction and these include urinary or bowel difficulties, fatigue, arthritis, pelvic surgery, headaches and neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis.  There are also some medications that may affect sexual activity which includes the antihypertensive drugs, antihistamines, antidepressants and chemotherapy drugs that tend to reduce the sexual drive of a woman and the capability to produce orgasm.
  • Hormonal level may also have effect on sexual drive particularly after the menopausal transition wherein the estrogen level is lower.  Female’s hormonal level also modify after having post natal and in the period of breastfeeding causing dryness of the vagina that may affect sexual activity.
  • Psychological and social differences may also aggravate the sexual dysfunction like the untreated anxiety and depression.  The apprehension of pregnancy and difficulties of being a new mother may also affect the sexual drive.  Longstanding feud with the partner about sex or some other aspects of the relationship may also lessen the sexual receptiveness.  Cultural and problems with own physical body figure may also contribute to sexual dysfunction.


What are the risk factors of sexual dysfunction?


There are some factors that may enhance the risk of developing sexual dysfunction and these may include the following.


  • Anxiety or depression
  • Cardiovascular illness
  • Neurologic conditions like multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury
  • Kidney or liver failure
  • Certain medications intended for depression or antihypertensive drugs
  • Psychological or emotional stress particularly if it concern the relationship with the partner
  • Experienced sexual abuse


What are the good guides  for female sexual dysfunction?


Female sexual health can be getting better if communicating with the partner will be put into practice.

1.     Open and sincere communication.

Some couples find it uneasy to talk about sex.  But an open and sincere communication with the partner can be very helpful to obtain sexual satisfaction.  Learn to communicate about the likes and dislikes to achieve better sexual intimacy.





2.     Observe healthy lifestyle habits.

Avoid too much intake of alcohol for it will only dull the sexual receptiveness.  Avoid smoking for it will only control the blood flow all through the whole body affecting the sexual organs leading to reduced sexual arousal and production of orgasm.  Do regular exercises for it will not only make you look good but also lift up your mood making you more romantic.  Lastly, always find time to relax even in the middle of all pressures of your everyday life for it can improve your capability to focus on the sexual activity and able to obtain better arousal and orgasm.



3.     Ask for counseling.

Talk with the psychologist or counselor that is specialized in relationship and sexual problems.  The therapy usually involves education of how to make the best use of the physical sexual reaction, ways to develop more the intimacy with the partner.  This may also help you to achieve better perceptive of your sexual individuality, attitudes and values; aspects pertaining to relationship like intimacy and attachment; and your total emotional health.




4.     Undergo mindfulness meditation.

This is type of meditation wherein it enhanced the knowledge and adoption of living in the present time.  Through this meditation, you can able to observe your feelings and sentiments but let them surpass with no judgment.  Some studies prove that mindfulness meditation throughout the lesson of group therapy progress many aspects of sexual reaction and lessened the individual grief in women with desire and sexual stimulation disorder.





5.     Practice yoga.

In practicing yoga, it involved breathing exercises to help the physical body to be more flexible and have a peaceful mind.  It may also intend to guide the body’s sexual force and progress the sexual functioning.  Although, there still very few information shows about the good benefits of yoga on sexual functioning still, it help to progress the psychological welfare and the overall physical condition.





Female sexual health that involved sexual dysfunction can be manage easily with the help and support of partner and for being openness of the person involved.  Advices coming from the medical experts can bring progress in any female sexual health problem.

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