Natural Ways To Increase Libido For Women

Not feeling sexy lately? Do you feel like just watching old movies over a bowl of popcorn with your partner? Or just sleeping right after you prepare for bed?  That is a red flag already. If you know that there is already a problem with maintaining intimacy by performing the sexual act, you should do something about it.

Many people say that if there is something wrong with the sex, then there is something wrong with the relationship per se. Well, maybe or maybe not. Women can get low sex drives from time to time and this can be brought about by so many factors like stress and anxiety. But not a big percentage of women are really bothered by this. If you would want to perform better in bed and improve your levels of sexual desire towards your partner, there are some medications that may help you. But there are very nasty side effects to consider such as breast cancer and hair growth on the chest and face. Would you like to know how to naturally increase your libido the natural way? Here are some of the natural ways to increase libido for women:


1. Regular exercise

Having a regular exercise routine is one of the natural ways to increase libido for women. This pumps up oxygenated blood throughout your body, which allows you to have a more energetic demeanor. Endorphins flood your brain when you exercise. This neurotransmitter makes you feel good. You also get to have higher testosterone levels when you exercise the right way and at the right amounts. This hormone makes women feel very sexy and assertive in bed. Be careful not to overstrain yourself because testosterone levels will decrease when this happens.



2. Relaxation

When you are overly stressed from the everyday strains of life, your cortical levels increase and your testosterone levels drop. As one of the natural ways to increase libido for women, you should bring the testosterone levels up again by relaxing. Do this for about fifteen minutes everyday. Meditation, yoga, napping, or listening to soothing music will bring out the desired results and get you ready for your partner later.




3.  Novelty

Engaging in challenging and adventurous activities with your partner is one of the natural ways to increase libido for women. This triggers the high level production of dopamine in the brain. All you have to do is hike, play group games, or race together and the sex drive will definitely move up to the next level.





4. Natural supplements

Taking natural herbal supplements like gingko biloba, choline, and pantothenic acid or B5. Gingko biloba is said to treat any sexual dysfunction that you have. But do not take this supplement if you are also on anticoagulants or blood thinners. Choline improves acetylcholine levels that is responsible for transmitting sex signals or impulses from the brain to the genitals. Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 is useful in the adrenal grands’ manufacturing of sex hormones.




5. Scents

Getting certain scents is another one of the natural ways to increase libido for women. The sense of smell is a powerful tool in getting the sex drive all amped up. Women are very much attracted to men’s musky, sweaty odors. But it is said to be an individual preference. One man fresh out of a workout session could turn the head of one woman and not the other.




6. Experimentation

Engaging in new sexual positions or techniques is one of the effective natural ways to increase libido for women. This triggers the adventurous, kinky, curious side of women that contributes a lot in sparking their interest and sex drive.





7. Food

There are certain foods that serve as one of the natural ways to increase libido for women. Although there are no proven aphrodisiacs, sexy food that bring smooth, luscious textures and flavors to your palate help women feel special and sexy. Chocolates, strawberries, custards, cheesecakes, caviar, and oysters all give that desirable allure in the evening.



8. Sensual bath/massage

When a sensual bath or massage is given, it is one of the natural ways to increase libido for women. Aromatic oils, scented candles, softly lit lamps, and those loving, lusty strokes, could definitely bring up the libido in any woman.





Discuss these natural ways to increase libido for women with your partner and doctor to help you gain more information about each and have the opportunity to effectively practice them. Be open minded and accepting of everything and before you know it, you will feel overly sexy and ready for the next round.

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