7 DIY Natural Yeast Infection Treatment For Men

Aside from the fact that men can contract yeast infection from an infected woman during sexual intercourse, they could also get this disease from the prolonged use of antibiotics. Apparently, it is harder to detect the yeast infection in men. Usually, they go about everything that they do without knowing that they have candida. And is they are not examined the right way, it is possible for them to be misdiagnosed.

There are prescribed anti-fungal treatments that you can use but this doesn’t really eliminate the yeast infection that occurs in men. It may just mask the signs and symptoms but the yeast infection will recur. In females, there is a cheesy white discharge, burning sensation, and itching that usually occurs. In men, odor in the pubic area, penile discharge, inflammation, pain in urination, penile soreness, jock itch, pain in the lymph nodes, bad breath (no reason to have it), and pain in their prostate are the signs that indicate candida. It is common for alcohol drinkers and diabetics to contract this condition.

Some commercially prepared drugs that are usually bought for immediate yeast infection relief are monistat or clotrimazole. There are also antibiotics that you can use such as canesten cream, diflucan, and fluconazole.  But if you would like to resort to a non-artificial way of eliminating your irritating condition, then read on and find out how natural yeast infection treatment for men can help you:


1. Coconut oil

Pressed coconut oil is another one of the natural yeast infection treatment for men. This can be acquired in pill form and liquid form. You could easily avail of this in your local health product store. This type of coconut oil really helps kill the yeast population in your body in proper doses.





2. Colon cleanse

One of the natural yeast infection treatment for men is to cleanse your colon. This is the area of your digestive system wherein toxins, bacteria, and waste all accumulate. These substances lower the body’s acidity. As you know, yeast thrive in acidic environment. To increase the acidity of your body, you should get rid of all those bad elements. When you undergo a colon cleanse, you will also be able to get rid of the yeast that has already grown in that area. It is advisable for you to avoid dairy, soy, wheat, gluten, splenda and eggs. These foods have fructose and trans fats that have yeast in them.



3. Sitz bath

Taking a sitz bath with vinegar added into it is one of the  effective natural yeast infection treatment for men. It helps relieve the skin of itching and restores the body’s pH balance back to the level where yeast stops growing.






4. Garlic

Natural yeast infection treatment for men won’t be complete without garlic. This herb is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Just eat a garlic clove once or twice a day. It has to be raw. Garlic does taste bad this way and leaves a lasting odor in your breath but it is very good for you. It can also help your sinuses. Don’t worry if you think you won’t be able to stand the taste. There are garlic pills available so all you have to do is pop one into your mouth and let it do the magic. You could also use garlic directly onto the penile area. Just wrap a clove in gauze, coat it with tea tree oil, and rub it onto the affected part. With regular application, the yeast infection is bound to go away.



5. Oregano oil

Another one of the natural yeast infection treatment for men is oregano oil. This is very effective against yeast infection. Its active ingredient if carvacrol that is about 68%.






6. Yogurt

Eating plain yogurt everyday is also one of the easiest natural yeast infection treatment for men. Yogurt contains Lactobacillus acidiphilus,which is a helpful bacteria. If you are lactose intolerant, then you could just take acidophilus pills that you can get at a reasonable price from a local food store.





7. Others

Cinnamon oil and tea tree oil are also two of the natural yeast infection treatment for men that are very effective in battling yeast infection. You could also use licorice, black walnut, chamomile, and goldenseal, which are all antibacterial herbs. They can be used externally or internally.





Make sure that you are under your doctor’s watchful eye when you take the given natural yeast infection treatment for men. This is to make sure that your condition is treated optimally and your health is well taken care of.

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