10 Fat Burning Diet Tips During the Cold Season


Burning excess fat in your body is the most difficult thing to accomplish in anyone’s lifetime. Stubborn fat needs to be continuously worked on. This effort is even more difficult to do when cold weather sets in. When your body feels cold, metabolism slows down. Blood goes to the center of the body to keep it warm. Once you accumulate fats during the cold season, this needs twice the effort to remove by the time it gets warm again. People tend to eat a lot and become less physically active during the cold season. This is because as dictated by our genetics, we are supposed to eat more when it is cold because of food scarcity and because it more heat is needed by our body to survive.

Another reason why you gain weight is your hormone levels. Hormones fluctuations influence your cravings and overall appetite. Sugar fixes are common when this happens. When fat burning is your goal, you have to know what to do when you eat so that you could have less problems with your stored fat. Here are some fat burning diet tips  that you could try:


1. Stews and soups

Adding more stews and soups is one of the fat burning diet tips that you can apply. These types of food are rich in vegetables that could easily fill you up. With this, you tend to eat less during main meals of the day. They also have lesser calories and fat. The heat also satisfies you very much and gives you warmth during the cold season.




2. Lean protein

One of the fat burning diet tips that you could try because protein is known to fill you up more. Soy and lean meats are best to eat if you want to be fuller for longer. This will make you eat less during the following meals that you will have.





3. Water

Increasing your water intake is one of the most effective fat burning diet tips because with water constantly present, you will feel fuller. During the cold season, you don’t sweat as much but urinate often. If you have enough water in your system, you will not be dehydrated.





4. Portion control

It is very difficult to eat less during the cold season. Even if you exercise that often, you wont be able to get rid of the excess fat that you get when you eat more. As one of the best fat burning diet tips, portion control should be strictly observed. It is one of the effective ways to monitor your calorie intake, too.




5. Spices

Fat is flavor—this is always the common saying in the kitchen. That is why fatty portions of meat and fatty ingredients are always incorporated in dishes. This makes you take in more fats and calories and makes it more difficult for you to get rid of the fat that you already have in your body. Using spices to flavor up your dishes is one of the fat burning diet tips that you could practice even if it isn’t the cold season anymore. Spices are also known to increase your metabolism so they could definitely help burn your fats.



6. Low/Non-fat alternatives

One of the fat burning diet tips is to opt for low fat or non-fat dairy products. This lessens your fat intake and makes you more capable of getting rid of your stored fat. If you want eggs in your diet, get rid of the yolks. There are many recipes that only include egg whites and they taste delicious and equally filling.





7. Limits

You have to make your recipes less delectable if you want to control those cravings. Appetite is lessened is the recipes are kept simple. Comfort foods should also be limited. You should only choose the ones that are low in fat and calories so that you can get the comfort out of them without feeling guilty.




8. Routine

Routine in your eating habits is one of the fat burning diet tips that you should not forget. Sticking to the routine helps you keep that certain amount of fat intake that you have always taken even before the cold season. Your body loves routine so why break it and disrupt your body?





9. Carb alternatives

Carbohydrate alternatives should be kept in mind as one of the fat burning diet tips to practice. You should choose the healthier carbohydrates if you crave for those chocolates and cookies. Whole grain products, vegetables, and fruits are much better and would make you feel fuller longer.





10. Move

You should make it a point to be on the move at every chance that you have. If you do, you get to burn your stored fat more efficiently. Inactivity only makes your body weak and unhealthy. You could buy a home workout program that you could follow in the privacy of your own home or just take a few minutes to walk under the morning sun.





Make sure that you consult with your doctor or dietitian about the changes in diet that you may want to have to burn fat much faster, so that you could get the most out of the cold season. These fat burning diet tips could only do so much. It is up to you to be vigilant enough to follow them.

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