10 Potent Natural Sinus Congestion Relief Options to Consider

When the mucous layer of the inner lining of your nose is all swelled up, then it is very possible that your nasal sinuses are blocked or congested. This could really cause you to have problems with your speech, hearing, sleep pattern, and breathing when you sleep.

Nasal sinus congestion is a very annoying and also, very dangerous if just dismissed or left untreated. This condition may be caused by a myriad of things such as flu, infections (sinuses), certain allergies and colds. Most of the time, a viral infection is the culprit. This usually lasts a week. Sinus congestion medications are available out there. They are effective but could put a slight dent to your budget. Try these natural sinus congestion relief options and see the results:


1. Alternative medicine

Acupressure and ayurvedic medicine are just two of the natural sinus congestion relief options that you can choose. These unconventional methods of relief target points in y our body and recommend various foods that would help you breathe better. Consider these techniques and maybe, they will be able to help you better. To these methods. “qi” and  “kapha” matter a lot and should bebalanced in your body.




2. Diet change

An effective natural sinus congestion relief is to completely stay away from highly processed foods, high carbohydrate foods, and meat. Highly processed foods trigger reactions like nasal sinus congestion in some people. So you have to stay away from all the chemicals that these foods have. Foods that have high carbohydrate content in them are white bread and sweets. Stay away from these and also from any meat until your nasal sinus congestion



3. Spicy and hot

Some people see horseradish as a natural sinus congestion relief. Horseradish is spicy and is said to be like pepper that dilates the air passages if you have a nasal sinus congestion. Others use cayenne pepper and hot sauce to induce the heat in foods. This way, when you eat, you breathe a lot easier and even sweat profusely to cool you down.




4. Neti pot

If you are already familiar with the neti pot, then you already know that it is a natural sinus congestion relief. Through this effective apparatus, you can be sure that you nasal passages will be bleared through the repetitive rinsing technique that it provides. Additional moisture really helps in easily unclogging your nose.




5. Juice fasting

Another natural sinus congestion relief is through an all-fruit and vegetable diet. Naturopaths use this method to target the causes of the  congestion. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of nutrients that will help you battle the cause of your ailment. If you maintain this, then you will be able to ward off nasal sinus congestion permanently.





6. Oregano oil

Oregano oil is another natural sinus congestion relief that you can use. It strengthens your immune system, enabling you to fight the infections that come with the congestion. All you have to do is combine two to three drops oregano oil and some juice. You then drink this concoction  everyday. It usually takes three to five days before you notice the results.




7. Ascorbic acid

Histamine shoots up when nasal sinus congestion takes place. With ascorbic acid, you will be able to control nasal sinus congestion. A thousand milligrams of this vitamin, three times in a day, could really lower histamine levels and therefore decrease the gravity of nasal sinus congestion. It is a natural sinus congestion relief because you could get it from fruits and vegetables and from naturally prepared supplements.


8. Tea tree oil

This is a natural sinus congestion relief that really fights viruses, bacteria, and fungi. To a cup of boiled water, add two to three drops of tea tree oil. Then, for five to ten minutes, just inhale the vapors under the cover of a towel.





9. Echinacea

Echinacea is a natural sinus congestion relief that increases the white blood cell production in your body. This herb accelerates the development and maturation of the various lymphatic cells that enable you to fight the infections. The more soldiers deployed, the faster the eradication of the pathogens will be. About three cups of its tea preparation for five days will yield the best results.




10. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is another natural sinus congestion relief.  It targets the membranes of the nasal passages and eases the congestion. Be sure to add three to four drops into a cup of boiled water and just like the tea tree oil, inhale the vapors under the cover of a towel as well.






Always consult your doctor before using any of the given natural sinus congestion relief options. This will enable a proper evaluation of the results, which may even be combined with the conventional medications that you use.

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