10 Reasons to Quit Smoking – It’s Time to Put an End to It!

Smoking seems to be a common thing among many individuals today.  Some would start smoking due to peer pressure while others will find it to be a great relief in managing their stress.  The bottom line is most of them would start as occasional smoker and then find it hard to withdraw due to its withdrawal effects.  The only problem is they make themselves vulnerable to a lot of medical problems and other issues.  Smokers, however, just need to know the 10 reasons to quit smoking and keep them in mind to totally quit this problem.

10 reasons to quit smoking people need to keep in mind


Bone density issues

Studies have shown that people specifically women smokers have lower bone density.  This state results to more brittle bones and prone to breaking in cases of accidents.  In addition, this also makes women more prone to osteoporosis, a condition where bones lose its density and causing them to bend over time.  This is common among older women but smoking will also increase their risk.

Decreased sexual performance

Most individuals will ask why this is included in the 10 reasons to quit smoking but research can back this up.  People, whether males or females, are after the performance when it comes to sex.  Research shows that people who smoke have lesser sex drive or arousal state while guys have increased risk of being impotent.

Risk of COPD

This stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder which is characterized by difficulty breathing and chronic cough due to air passages’ obstruction.  This is related to emphysema, which is caused by smoking, and may not have any specific treatment option.  This condition may even cause a patient to be on oxygen supply as the  condition progress.

Perfect smile? Not!

A person may have the perfect teeth but they can’t have the perfect smile due to smoking.  Cigarettes have components that can stain teeth, which in the end can affect a person’s smile.

Heart problems

Some people may smoke due to relief stress caused by heart breaks.  However, smoking too much will definitely give a person heart problems literally as they increase their risk of heart problems like heart attack.  Making this as among the 10 reasons to quit smoking and perhaps among the serious ones.

Vision problems

Macular degeneration risk in high among smokers.  This is an age-related condition that affects vision and resulting to legal or total blindness in the end.

Think of others

It’s important to think of other people around smokers and think them as among the 10 reasons to quit smoking.  Although they don’t smoke, second hand smoke can also put them at risk of various medical conditions like lung cancer on adults, asthma among children, and even Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS among babies if their moms smoked during pregnancy.

Quitting doesn’t mean stop immediately

People who smoke don’t want to quit because they think that they need to stop it immediately and fear its withdrawal symptoms.  Fortunately, they can undergo cessation therapy until their body can cope with its absence.  Knowing this can motivate them to stop in the long run.

Good social interaction

It may not seem like it but interaction with others is also among the 10 reasons to quit smoking.  Smokers who are undergoing cessation therapy are encouraged to do sports in order to divert their attention from smoking.  Doing sports with other individuals can help them cope with their smoking problems and be more active in life.

Save money on various things

Yes.  Money matters are among the reasons why smoking should be avoided.  Just imagine them without the need to smoke.  They don’t have to buy packs of cigarettes or tobacco regularly, save on cleaning services on their clothes affected by smoke smell, deep cleaning on teeth and a lot more.

These are the 10 reasons to quit smoking among individuals.  They just need to keep this in mind all the time and put an end on smoking faster with the help of determination and focus.

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