14 Effective Nausea Relief

One of the most common conditions experienced by so many people is nausea. This is a condition wherein you feel the urge to vomit. That sudden feeling can be very uncomfortable and confusing especially when you are going about your hectic day and then all of a sudden, you feel nauseated.

Of course, as with any other bad thing that you may experience, you would want some kind of immediate solution to the problem. Nausea relief comes in so many variants, from traditional to contemporary. Read on and find out what particular nausea relief  you are comfortable with to use:


1. Backtrack what you ate

As you know, nausea could be very well brought about by something that your stomach didn’t agree with. It can be a sign of a food allergy, lactose intolerance, excessive alcohol, or specific medications that you have just started. Nausea relief  could really be achieved if you know that it was just something that you ate.





2. Eat

Nausea can be a sign that you are already hypoglycemic. But this doesn’t mean that you have to eat the first thing that you lay your eyes on. To have nausea relief  you have to eat plain or simple foods that are low in fat. An example of this is crackers. Just have some and see if this could make you feel okay.




3. Maalox

Mix up a quart of water, spirit of peppermint, and Maalox.  Just a few small sips of this concoction will help you  ease your digestive system. You could just keep the rest for later.






4. Chew

One nausea relief   is to chew on some peppermint or gum. Peppermint is known to stop stomach spasms that will inevitably lead to vomiting.






5. Ginger

Ginger is an effective nausea relief  because it takes care of morning sickness and settles your stomach.






6. Have fun

An effective nausea relief  is to distract yourself by having fun or just doing something you like or enjoy like going out with someone or playing computer games. This will take nausea out of your mind.


7. Acupressure

A traditional nausea relief  is to apply acupressure on a specific point on your wrist you’re your thumb. Hold the pressure for about thirty seconds. Do this while your middle and index fingers are at the top of your wrist.


8. Rest and relax

Resting is another nausea relief  that you could try. Keeping still for a moment and just stopping any kind of movement on your part will stop you from being nauseated. Relaxing eases your anxiety, which is another trigger of nausea. Meditate or take a warm shower to soothe your senses.





9. No milk

Dairy products like milk are very difficult to digest. They are rich in fats and proteins that create mucus in the lining of your stomach. So if you are nauseated, do not drink milk or eat yogurt. A nausea relief   is to just drink room temperature juices, tea, or any other clear liquids.





10. Flat soda

Flat soda is when you open up an ordinary carbonated drink and let it stand. Another option is ginger ale or flat syrup from Coca Cola and some ice. If the fizz is still there, then there are acids that will irritate your stomach.





11. Baking soda solution

Another effective nausea relief  is to have a baking soda solution. Make this with ½ tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in water. It may taste weird but it works fast.





12. Avoid crowded, hot rooms

Hot, crowded rooms tend to have undesirable smells that may trigger your nausea. So it is definitely another nausea relief  to stay away from such places.






13. Ventilate

One common nausea relief  is to have a fan blown into your face or just manually fan yourself. The rush of air will soothe your nausea. Another way to do this is to take a walk in your neighborhood. The fresh gusts of air will help you as well.





14. Aromatherapy

One effective nausea relief  is aromatherapy. This allows you to have a myriad of pleasant smells overwhelming your body. This will completely counter the nauseating episode and give you relief.






Ask your doctor about the given ways of nausea relief. You should keep in touch with your healthcare professional for proper monitoring of your progress. Nausea can occur at any time and it can really be very irritating, tiring, and even debilitating so nausea relief  is really a must. Something that works fast is an order so try any one of the enumerated ways of nausea relief  and find out what really works for you.

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