14 Recognized Natural Herbs To Help Quit Smoking

For most people, smoking is a habit that is almost impossible to break. Everywhere you look, there are many campaigns against the cessation of this very fatal addiction. Nicotine is a very addictive substance that is present in tobacco products that is why it is very difficult to stop smoking. This compound is used as a stimulant and, years ago, as an insecticide. It is sai that the addiction to nicotine is like addiction to cocaine or heroin.

Smoking enables you to harness the various effects of nicotine. Nicotine is known to alter moods. It can stimulate and relax you as well. Smoking is also seen as a weight loss aid because it decreases your appetite and it increases your metabolism. Chemical messengers like beta-endorphins, autocrines, acetylcholine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, arginine, vasopressin, and dopamine. Some people smoke because they want to be more alert and more focused on what they are doing. They also use tobacco to get aroused, to lessen pain, and to relieve their anxiety.

This addictive habit is very detrimental to your health.  It clogs your blood vessels and lessens the oxygen level of your blood. This results to headaches, hypertension, and lung diseases. If you are one of those people who are determined to stop your smoking habit, then here are some herbs to help you do so. Remember these natural herbs to help quit smoking that you could also discuss with your physician:


1. Lobelia

Lobelia is one of the natural herbs to help quit smoking. It is an herb that helps in relaxing and calming your body. With lobelia, cravings for smoking or nicotine is controlled. When you take this herb, cigarette then seems to lose its deliciousness to you making you stop smoking.





2. St. John’s wort

One of the natural herbs to help quit smoking is St. John’s wort. It promotes positive attitude in the process of giving up the smoking habit. If you get this high even without smoking, then who needs smoking? This is often used by those who are just starting to quit the habit.





3. Black cohosh

Black cohosh is also one of the natural herbs to help quit smoking that women use to help them maintain their balance during their monthly period. It is an effective sedative for bouts of anxiety, restlessness, irritability, and nervousness that are all associated with the smoking habit.




4. Blue vervain

This herb is a natural tranquilizing agent that really calms the nerves and treats insomnia. This pretty much mimics the relaxing effects of nicotine to some smokers.





5. Catnip

Catnip is one of the effective natural herbs to help quit smoking that relaxes and soothes your digestive tract.  It is used to treat headaches, flatulence, respiratory infections, diarrhea, sleeplessness,  upset stomach, colds. and indigestion. Catnip acts also acts as an antispasmodic property that suppresses coughing and abdominal cramping.




6. Hyssop

Hyssop is another one of the commonly used natural herbs to help quit smoking that clears mucuc congestion in the lung area is you have COPD. When you have quit smoking and already suffer from nicotine withdrawal, hyssop is a good herb to treat the hysteria and anxiety associated with it.




7. Korean ginseng

Korean ginseng is an herbal remedy that aids your body in dealing with stress and enhancing energy. As a result, you are able to fight anxiety and fatigue. It also balances out your bosy systems that were disrupted when you had the smoking habit.





8. Motherwort

Motherwort is one of the natural herbs to help quit smoking that is an effective sedative. It induces relaxation and tranquility in times of anxiousness.






9. Oat seed/oat straw

Stress is often the target of smoking, Using oat seed or oat straw as a stress buster is a healthier alternative than nicotine. It could also help you with your exhaustion and nervous debility.





10. Peppermint

Peppermint is one of the natural herbs to help quit smoking which help you with stressed digestive muscles, inefficient flow of digestive juices, and flatulence. It also relieves pain in the gastric wall, nausea, headaches, tension, and anxiety.





11. Skullcap

Skillcap helps your brain increase its endorphin production. This results to a feeling of a better well-being. It is also said that this herb aids in increasing your calmness and awareness and at the same time, relaxes and renews your entire CNS or central nervous system.





12. Slippery elm

Slippery elm is a helpful natural remedy that helps you with problems in digestion that is common in people who quit smoking. It also helps in flushing out toxins and in healing your body as well. Slippery elm also gives you enough nutrients that help your body in adjusting to nicotine withdrawal.





13. Valerian

Another sedative or relaxant herb that is used in dealing with insomnia, restlessness, stress, and anxiety is valerian.






14. Indian tobacco

Indian tobacco is one of the natural herbs to help quit smoking that is known to have almost the same effects of nicotine. But you should ask the assistance of your doctor when you use this because it can be toxic when taken in elevated doses. Indian tobacco aids in your withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings. You can take this herb through tincture or tea form.




Remember to always increase your water intake when you use the natural herbs to help quit smoking. Water is effective in flushing out the toxins out of your body. As a result, the effects of the herbs become much more evident. Consult with your doctor if you decide to use the natural way. This is to make sure that your overall heath is given priority.


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