4 Categorized Facts About Lodrane 24

Allergies, cold, and hay fever are common problems for a lot of people from all walks of life, all over the world. It is very annoying when they attack and they do significantly disrupt the activities of daily living. These allergic reactions manifest themselves through runny nose, sneezing, itchiness, watery eyes, and rashes, which obviously do not translate to a very pleasant way of living. These symptoms should be stopped so that you may be able to continue with your normal activities everyday.

To control these irritating allergic reactions, various allergy medications are taken. One of these is Lodrane 24. Lodrane 24 is an oral medication that’s also known as brompheniramine, which is a form of antihistimanine. It blocks the naturally occurring histamines that are triggered by significant substances that your body encounters. Lodrane 24 can be in the form of extended release oral tablets. This allows for longer histamine blocking effects and thus, longer relief. Take note of the following facts that you should remember about Lodrane 24:


1. Proper use

You should always remember that a doctor’s directions are very important in taking every kind of medication and Lodrane 24 is no exception. When you take this allergy medication, make sure that you take it with food or drinks to prevent stomach upsets. You should swallow the tablet whole and should not split it in any way without the direction of your doctor or pharmacist. Remember that the dosages provides by your doctor are specific to your age, therapy response, and health condition. You should follow the directions carefully to get the optimal results.



2. Side effects

As with any medications, Lodrane 24 has side effects to be dealt with. You may experience constipation, drowsiness, blurred vision. Stomach upset, headaches, dizziness, dry oral cavity, and decrease in coordination. If dryness of the oral cavity if too much for you, you could take in fluids to relieve this, provided that it is approved by your physician. More serious side effects are changes in moods, nervousness, hallucinations, irritability, difficulty in urinating, ringing in the ears, seizures, easy bleeding or bruising, irregular heartbeat, and allergic reactions.  When these happen, you should immediately tell your doctor so that you may be helped in relieving them.



3. Precautions

Consulting your doctor is of primary importance before taking any medication. Before taking Lodrane 24 you should tell your physician if you have any allergies, medical history, present diseases, or conditions that may be aggravated by Lodrane 24. This allergy medication could make you very drowsy or dizzy so it is recommended that you refrain from doing any activities that require optimal and clear vision and mental alertness. You should also refrain from drinking any amount of alcohol or sedatives while taking Lodrane 24. To minimize the dizziness or drowsiness, remember to get up slowly from lying or sitting. Remember to keep the medication away from children. Lodrane 24 should not be used during pregnancy unless it is highly needed. Ask your doctor if you could take Lodrane 24  while you are breastfeeding. Discuss the benefits and risks of the medication very thoroughly with your doctor before using it.


4. Interactions

Like any drug, Lodrane 24 has interactions with other medications. You and your doctor should monitor your body’s reaction to it. You should inform your doctor of any other medications or supplements that you take such as topical antihistamines, MAO inhibitors, antispasmodics, tricyclic antidepressants, pain relievers, other antihistamines, sedatives, muscle relaxants, and medications for Parkinson’s disease.  This valuable information should be given to your doctor so that if it is needed for your medications to be replaced, your doctor may do so. You should be thorough with your physician so that no unnecessary adverse reactions may occur. These adverse side effects would make it very difficult for you  to be relieved of the primary condition.


See to it that you do not store Lodrane 24 in the bathroom or in any place where it could be accessible to children or pets. Ensure the tightness of the container so that no impurities may enter and contaminate the medication. You should remember that when you are prescribed to take Lodrane 24, this medication is only for you. It is given to you for your needs and you should not share this drug with anyone at all. You should undergo allergy testing first before actually starting this medication. Make sure that you follow the proper dosages so that you won’t suffer from overdosage of the medication. Always coordinate with your doctor so that you will be assured that you will get the optimal results from Lodrane 24.

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