5 Considerations in Choosing Natural Sunscreen Recipe Baby

Letting your baby get exposed to the sun from time to time is a healthy thing. But as a responsible parent, you should remember to give your precious one sun protection. This will allow your baby to get her dose of healthy sunshine without you, worrying about sunburn.

What should you consider about giving sunscreen to your baby? It is not enough that you apply sunscreen just because it is sunscreen. Putting anything on your baby’s skin will reflect just how careful you are. It is better for you to consider going natural when it comes to sunscreen for your baby. Here are some facts that you should remember that may help you choose a natural sunscreen recipe baby:


1. Toxicity in commercial sunscreens

Commercially prepared sunscreens obviously come about with chemicals of every sort. But no matter how detrimental they may be to your baby’s sensitive skin, it always seems to be the fastest, most convenient way to protect against UV rays. Your baby still has an underdeveloped excretory system and a much larger surface area of skin than an adult so it is more than likely that he or she will be able to absorb more of the commercial sun block that you apply. This is definitely a very good reason why you should opt for a natural sunscreen recipe baby. Such harmful chemicals that are present in sunscreens are benzolalcohol, butylatedhydrocyanisole (BHA), methoxydibeormaldehyde). It is a very strong irritant and is very toxic when you inhale it. Dimethicone is an emollient from silicone. It doesn’t allow the skin to breathe when you apply it. It also promotes tumors and tends to accumulate in the liver.




2. Benefits of a natural sunscreen

When you opt for a natural sunscreen recipe baby, your baby’s skin and overall health will really be benefited. Some of the other means you could add on to applying a natural sunscreen are long sleeved dresses, hats, or just keeping him/her under a generous amount of shade. Natural sunscreen also prevents your baby from developing a allergic reaction or basically from falling victim to skin irritations. Commercially produces sunscreen get absorbed deep into your baby’s skin, while natural sunscreen just stays on its topmost layer. With this, the skin is really shielded from the sun’s rays. Natural sun blocks immediately work on your baby’s skin unlike the commercially prepared ones. Even if you buy a natural sunscreen, make sure that you are able to see the expiration date because when the sunscreen is expired, it will cause sunburn.



3. Make your own sunscreen

Making your own natural sunscreen recipe baby is the best way you could make sure that your baby receives sun protection the safe way. In making your own natural sun block, you should take note of the ingredients such as sesame oil, peanut oil, coconut oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, and olive oil. Sesame oil is said to block about thirty percent of the UV rays. You should also mix zinc oxide with apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, and beeswax. Although you could also use titanium oxide, zinc oxide is a much healthier choice.



4. Skin Test

Like any other substance that you will apply on your baby’s ski for the first time, make sure that you test it on your baby’s upper arm or back a night before you use it fully. If no adverse reaction comes out, then it is safe to use.




4. Protects Immunity

Creating your own natural sunscreen recipe baby makes sure that your baby’s skin is protected from dryness. When the skin is dry, it can be heavily damaged and the immunity of your baby is compromised. The skin is your body’s first layer or line of defense and it should always be well-taken care of. Make sure that your natural sunscreen has shea butter and vitamin C. These ingredients make your baby’s skin stronger and repel the chemicals in the water such as chlorine.




Even if you do use a natural sunscreen recipe baby, you should still make sure that you avoid the heat of direct sunlight especially from ten in the morning to three in the afternoon. You should use an umbrella, a tent, or a huge hat for your baby. You should also consider the length of time that you spend under the sun. You should know when it is just enough to expose your baby under all that searing heat. Consult your pediatrician for your choices of natural sunscreen recipe baby so that you may know what is best for your baby’s skin.

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