5 Facts About Baby Vitamins

Being pregnant with your baby is a very different thing from actually taking care of your baby after giving birth. The moment that umbilical cord is cut, your baby is independently living in the outside world. Your baby’s body systems are already fully functioning and no longer depend on you to directly supply the protection and nutrition from the life cord attached to you. The safety of your womb is no longer there for your baby so you now have to strengthen every ounce of protection that you can possibly provide. You can do this by giving baby vitamins.

Maintaining that ideal balance of everyday nutrients is very complicated, especially with the various cooking methods and artificial formulations that are continuously manufactured. There are also eating habits and “all-time-favorites” that make your baby lessen the amount of nutrients that they get. It is very sad to admit that the food items your baby loves lack the real nutrition they need. With this, you really have to make sure that your baby gets all that is essential for proper growth and development. Baby vitamins provide these. Supplementation of the vitamins and minerals ensure your baby’s complete development. Here are some factors that you should take note of in giving baby vitamins to your baby:

1. Safe

Baby vitamins are very safe to use. It is not advisable for you to provide solid vitamin supplements to your baby because of the obvious reason that your baby is at high risk of choking. Baby vitamins come in liquid form that is flavored ideally for your baby so it is very easy to take and keep down. The dosages are especially formulated for the age group where your baby belongs to. Giving this everyday is a very good way to make your baby healthy even if the eating habits are not that ideal.


2. Solution to malnutrition

Even if your baby is chubby or fat and eats a lot, it doesn’t mean that he or she gets all the nutrients that he or she needs. Technically, when your baby just eats the same foods everyday, the risk of getting malnourished is very high. When you give baby vitamins to your baby, malnutrition is prevented. If malnutrition is prevented, certain detrimental diseases may be prevented because immunity will be strengthened. Baby vitamins will also assist you while correcting the eating habits of your child so the nutrition gap will not be present and ideal development will still push through.


3. Ensures long term health

Long term health is ensures when you give your baby the right baby vitamins. This is because you give baby vitamins at a very young age. Ideally, these supplements are given while your baby is still breastfeeding. Baby vitamins together with the nutrients and antibodies in your breast milk are the most potent protection that your baby receives at this stage of his or her life. If health is started young, this gives a very good health foundation for your baby. Continuing the intake of these essential nutrients until maturity should be made sure for long term health.


4. Assists ideal development

Your baby develops fast. In his or her development, certain nutrients should be present. These help your baby’s body optimally and normally develop. With this, the essential nutrients should be continuously provided as the different stages of development ensue. Baby vitamins help you accomplish this for your baby. So, if you want your baby to have the edge in this very competitive world, give baby vitamins.



5. Doctor-assisted

Your pediatrician should be considered as your primary partner in your baby’s nutrition. Proper supplementation will be the result of the prescribed and formulated baby vitamins that your baby’s doctor will provide. If there are any untoward reactions or system changes in your baby, you should immediately inform your pediatrician so that changes in the types of milk or baby vitamins could be made. You should never attempt to change the dosage or type of baby vitamins that your baby takes. Think of your pediatrician as the relevant guide for you and your baby.



Sadly, because of old tradition or misinformation, some parents do not give baby vitamins to their babies. They still hold on to the belief that only nutritious food and safety are all that babies need to develop optimally. This concept may be true back then because of much less free radicals in the environment. But these days, baby vitamins are needed to battle the never-ending bombardment of harmful elements such as pollution, synthetic items, and instant products that fill your grocery bags. Baby vitamins may very well be the best thing that you could do for your baby.

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