6 Available Breast Cancer Treatment Options

Breast cancer has afflicted so many women all over the world. For years, research trials have tirelessly exhausted resources in trying to find out how to eradicate this health condition. Breast cancer has damaged so many lives but it is very refreshing to know that women have learned how to cope with their condition. Modern breast cancer patients have all the breast cancer treatment options that they could avail of. This development has definitely given much hope to breast cancer patients all over the world.

Accepting the fact that you have breast cancer is very hard to do. This is why your support system should always be there. They will help you make that valuable decision of choosing the appropriate treatment among the presented breast cancer treatment options. First you have to consider the types of treatments available. This could be well-facilitated by your doctor. You should remember that treatments are all according to the stage of breast cancer that you are diagnosed with. Your schedule should also be considered. If you and your family have doubts, you could freely seek a second opinion about your diagnosis so that you could really clarify what stage of breast cancer it is that you have. If you have everything cleared up already with your physician, then below are the breast cancer treatment options that you and your doctor could choose from:


1. Surgery

The most direct of all the breast cancer treatment options is breast surgery. These involve lumpectomy (breast conserving surgery), lymph node dissection, and mastectomy. These are surgeries that cut out the areas where the cancer cells or tumors have metastasized already. There are cases where the entire breast is removed to prevent the cancer from spreading to other areas of the body. Prophylactic surgery and breast reconstruction are also seen as surgeries that could improve the condition of the patient. Breast reconstructive surgery enables the patient to have a breast for cosmetic purposes. This is to help the patient regain the lost self-esteem brought about by the cancer.


2. Chemotherapy

This is one of the breast cancer treatment options that proves to be effective. Chemotherapy is a treatment that involves the use of cancer-fighting drugs. These medications are introduced into the patient to get rid of the cancer cells. They could be injected or take orally. These are targeted and could very well eradicate the breast cancer cells.




3. Radiotherapy

Radiation is used in this treatment. This is introduced only by non-pregnant and male healthcare practitioners. As you may know. Radiation could be teratogenic to the fetus or may result to infertility as well. The healthcare provider should only stay about half an hour with the cancer patient being treated to avoid such occurrences.





4. Hormone therapy

This is one of the breast cancer treatment options that involves the use of aromatase inhibitors, SERMs and ERDs. Hormones could be used to prevent the spread of the cancer cells or the further enlargement of the tumors in your breast.





5. Complementary Medicine

Alternative medications could be one of the breast cancer treatment options you could discuss with your doctor. Yoga, meditation, and acupuncture are good add-ons to your present treatment. These may further enhance your health improvement during your fight against breast cancer.



6. Trials

Clinical trials that continue to spring out from a myriad of laboratories around the world could be very well considered for breast cancer patients. The breast cancer patient could volunteer herself to avail of the ongoing treatment that is being developed.






Pain is one of the very dominant characteristics of cancer in general. Breast cancer treatment options involve the use of pain relievers that help the breast cancer patient to be treated with the least amount of pain possible. This helps improve the patient’s quality of life and helps the patient perform her daily activities with ease and comfort. You and your oncologist should consider the management of the side effects as well. Some of the known side effects of breast cancer treatment options are abdominal pain, anemia, breathing difficulty, constipation, dehydration, diarrhea, depression, dizziness, fever, hair changes, headaches, rashes, swelling, body weakness, vomiting, and weight loss. As a breast cancer patient, you should always coordinate with your doctor to make sure that everything that you do is good for you and does not aggravate your condition. You should always meet the breast cancer treatment options that you have chosen. Being vigilant is important in getting better. Remember to eat right and live healthy as you take your treatments as well.

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