6 Easy Neck Exercises

Your neck is a very delicate part of your body because it is not as bulky as your torso. But even if it is just that thin, it supports your head and keeps you well-coordinated with the rest of your body. It received tremendous stress and strain especially when you do not have everything positioned or done right in your daily activities.

It should be a must for you to build the muscles of your neck so as to provide enough support and stability for your head. Doing so would also make sure that you endure the stresses and strains of everyday activities The following are some neck exercises that will help you achieve a stronger cervical area. Just talk to your doctor about them first before you try them especially if you have a delicate spinal condition or past injury:

1. Side to side tilt

You should remember to keep your neck straight in neck exercises like the side to side tilt. Here, you slowly tilt your head from one side to another. Don’t tilt it too far that your ears touch your shoulder. When you reach one side, hold your position for a few seconds. Then always return to the straight, center position. Repeat this about five to ten times.




2. Front to back tilt

When you workout, you always warm up first and this is one of the neck exercises that you usually do. In performing the front to back tilt, you slowly tilt your head backwards to the point that you are able to look at upwards. You hold that position for a few minutes and then return to the upright position. Do this three times everyday, about five to ten repetitions.




3. Resistance from the side

Hold one side of your head with one hand. Make your hand go against your head as you try to touch your ear to your shoulder. Do this for about five seconds. Then relax your head and do the same to the other side. Perform this three times in a day, five to ten repetitions.





4. Rotation side to side

In rotation neck exercises, you should remember that the key is to do it slowly. In the rotation side to side, you turn your head far from the center, then hold the position for a few seconds. After that, you return to the center position before you rotate the other way. Do this about three times in a day, five to ten repetitions.




5. Back resistance

Back resistance neck exercises happen with the same principle as the other resistance exercises. Here you have to place both your hands behind the head, then use your hands to resist or counter the backward movement of your head. Again, hold this position for five seconds and then relax. Perform this three times everyday, five to ten repetitions.




6. Front resistance

This is one of the resistance neck exercises that u can do during a break from your desk job. Just press your hands against the forehead and resist your head as you try to move your head forward. Then hold this for about five seconds and then relax. Do this three times a day, five to ten repetitions.





Take note of any past physical injury that you might have had that involved your upper body, specifically your head or neck region. Past injuries may have left delicate scarring inside and may require a lifetime of care and attention. Before you perform any of the given neck exercises, make sure that you have checked with your doctor first. If you have any spinal conditions, you should also consult your doctor if the neck exercises are allowed. If you have any bone density conditions, you should be careful in performing them. It is advisable that you only do these neck exercises under the supervision and care of a healthcare professional to ensure your safety.

You could really benefit from doing these neck exercises everyday. Eventually, you will have a stronger set of neck muscles and will be able to work on your desk longer and with less strain or stress. You will also experience less bouts of headache and upper back numbness. One important part in taking care of your neck is to get ample rest in the proper position. An orthopedic pillow and an orthopedic mattress could help you achieve this. It would also help you a lot if you take a warm shower before you sleep. This would ease up any tension accumulated in your neck during the day.

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