6 Effective Natural Sleep Aids During Pregnancy to Consider

Pregnant women are notorious sleepers. But there will always be high points wherein you will not get comfortable enough to get your proper sleep. This usually happens during the first trimester and the third trimester of your pregnancy. Although it may seem disturbing, it’s perfectly normal, so don’t worry.

Good sleep is necessary for pregnant women because your body is now catering to the baby’s development inside her womb. It facilitates holistic health because the entire body works better when the proper rhythm is reached. It is already given that your body’s usual sleeping are interrupted when you became pregnant but during those nine months, you should be able to establish another sleep routine that fits your condition. It can be difficult especially when you don’t knew where to start. Try these https://www.webdicine.com/6-effective-na…cy-to-consider.html ‎ that could help you in what to do:


1. Support pillows

Pregnancy support pillows are natural sleep aids during pregnancy that really benefit you. But before you use them make sure that you properly position yourself in bed. During your third trimester, it is much better to lay down on the left of your body. This makes the flow of blood much better for your kidneys, uterus, and fetus. Once you are in good position, place a pillow between your knees that are bent. This makes your position very comfortable and it supports your back as well. You could continue to use your regular pillows but specialized U- or C-shaped pillows are available. These support pillows also help you with heartburn and hip discomfort.



2. Drinking warm milk

Warm milk is one of the most common natural sleep aids during pregnancy. It contains L-tryptophan that raises the serotonin neurotransmitter in your brain. This makes you sleepy. The warmth of the milk itself makes your whole body relaxed and orients you to sleep. Just remember that tryptophan is much safer for your pregnancy when you take it as warm milk and not as supplementation.




3. Protein snacks

Low blood sugar is a common reason why pregnant women have a hard time sleeping. This brings about night sweats or even nightmares. Eating a snack that is high protein right before you sleep is one of the effective natural sleep aids during pregnancy that could help you. Protein snacks help you regulate your blood sugar. You could get your protein from turkey slices, peanut butter, or eggs. Nausea or queasiness could also be causes of sleeplessness. It really doesn’t feel good sleeping while the room seems to be going in circles. Eating carbohydrates and proteins like smoothies, a small sandwich or cereal and some milk could really hit the spot and help you sleep better. Frequent bland snacks such as rice cakes, pretzels, and crackers could also help your nausea. Just keep them beside your bed at all times. Also keep in mind to avoid large meals and avoid lying down when you’re full.


4. Diet

Modifying your diet is also one of the best natural sleep aids during pregnancy. Cutting down your fluid intake before you sleep and avoiding spicy, fried, or acidic foods will also help you put your stomach at ease.





5. Relax

Another one of the effective natural sleep aids during pregnancy is training yourself how to relax. Having regular naps help you orient your body to sleeping by the end of the day. Slow breathing techniques also help you relax your body and mind. Relaxation is even more enhanced by a warm shower or bath, a darkened room, quiet activities, and soft music. You could also warm up your feet. This results to efficient vasodilation and better oxygenation.



6. Exercise

Regular exercise if also one of the well-known natural sleep aids during pregnancy. An increase in regular physical activity will help your circulation to improve and lessen the frequency of your leg cramps.







Difficulty in sleeping is a common dilemma but if it does happen very often already, you should consult your doctor already. These natural sleep aids during pregnancy are only effective if you modify your lifestyle and alter your moods. Talk to your doctor about these given natural methods. Maybe there are additional means that you could use to improve your sleeping habits as well. Insomnia could really be irritating and you should not let it control your life or over power you because it could really affect your overall health and then affect your baby. Work with your doctor in attaining better sleep during your pregnancy so as to make sure that you and your baby are at your pinkest of health.

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