6 Valuable Guidelines If You’re Living with One Kidney

As you know, humans are created with two kidneys. Apparently, having two kidneys is enough to filter the human body of all the waste products that it generates in its entire existence. It is pretty challenging to maintain two kidneys already in terms of modifying your lifestyle and diet especially when you are diagnosed with a kidney-related disease. Have you ever thought of what it takes for some people to maintain one kidney?

Why do people end up with one kidney anyway? Well, they could either have lost the other kidney through a disease, an injury, or a donation that they may have made to help another have a second chance at life. It is very possible for an individual to live with only one kidney provided that there will be certain important changes that have to be made when it comes to lifestyle and diet. The kidney’s function is very important so it must be taken good care of especially when there is only one left to do all the work. Living with one kidney can definitely be a challenge. Read on and get to know the tips that you should follow to maintain that healthy kidney:


1. Regular check up

If you know that you are living with one kidney you should make sure that you undergo regular check ups with your doctor. This is to ensure that your kidney is functioning optimally and is not getting too worked up or exhausted because of the double degree of work that it is doing for your body.  Check ups are also necessary to make sure that any diseases may be detected early on and treated right away. This is protecting your kidney from deteriorating so that it may continue to function optimally.



2. Balanced diet

A balanced diet is recommended if you are living with one kidney. This would mean that you should watch what you eat all the time. If you love sweets or salty food, then you should cut  down on them and increase fruits and vegetables in your diet. Organic foods are what should be in your system. Processed foods should be out of the question. All natural food items should be the only ones in your list of health foods.



3. Water

Living with one kidney means that you should have a steady intake of clean water everyday. This would make sure that your body is well hydrated. A well-hydrated body provides enough oxygen for the kidney that is left in your body. Water also makes sure that your body maintains the right concentration of fluids to function well.




4. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise also makes sure that your kidney gains good oxygenation. This assures that it functions well enough to do the kidney work for a long period.  Exercise also helps regulate blood pressure and helps increase sensitivity to insulin. This prevents type II diabetes as well. If these two diseases are kept at bay, then living with one kidney could be made easier.



5. Detoxify

Detoxifying at least once every year will rid of your body of all the toxins that you have accumulated during a long period of time. Detoxification means taking in only the most nutritious foods that you could ever have from fruits and vegetables only. This will help your body flush out all the harmful substances in your body. A week to ten days is the limit for a detoxification to take place. If you do this religiously, then your kidney will not have a hard time doing its work all by itself. Another thing is that your kidney will have a lighter load in filtering the toxins because you have already facilitated much of the work.


6. Supplements

Taking supplements on a regular basis will compensate for the incomplete amount of nutrients that you take in even from a balanced diet. If your body doesn’t get enough nutrients then your immune system will become weak and your body will suffer greatly. Taking supplements is one of the key tips in living with one kidney. This is one of the best ways to assure that you are giving that one kidney that you have all the help that it needs.




Living with one kidney is definitely not an easy task. Whatever the reason you may have for having only one kidney in your body, what’s important is that you do your best in taking good care of it. You should remember to be in constant communication with your doctor and dietitian to keep your kidney working optimally.

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