7 Accessible Natural Metabolism Boosters

When you eat, you have to burn the calories and fats that you take in. There are people who metabolize fast but there are some who metabolize much slower than others. If you metabolize at an increased pace, you are said to be gifted because you stay thin and slim even if you eat what you like at any amount. Those who have slow metabolism see eating as a problem because even if they eat little and exercise a lot, they have a hard time burning the fats and calories that they take in.

Boosting your metabolism will definitely make a significant impact on your weight loss. If you combine exercise, proper diet, and natural metabolism boosters, then you will be able to achieve the body that you want a whole lot faster. You don’t have to take synthetic medications as a resort to increase your metabolism rate. Just check these natural metabolism boosters with your doctor to achieve what you want without worrying  about harmful side effects:


1. Protein (lean)

Protein that is lean or free of fat is known to be very difficult to digest. Eating such meats enable you to increase your muscle bulk. This is one of the effective natural metabolism boosters because it really helps in strength training exercises. In this form of exercise, the muscle fibers are torn and then grown again to become much larger. You can get ten to thirty five percent of your calories from lean meats  such as lean red meat, chicken, tilapia (St. Peter’s fish), and salmon.



2. Caffeine or Coffee

Coffee is one of the natural metabolism boosters that enhances physical activities more because fits stimulant effects. It also has antioxidants that renew your cells and make your body systems function much better. Caffeine is effective at increasing your metabolism rate because it increases the amount of fatty acids in your blood and extends the glycogen storage in your body.. This inhibits the fatigue that you experience when you exercise. The improved metabolism effect from caffeine is said to be four hours.



3. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is also one of the natural metabolism boosters that you could be served with everyday. You could also drink grapefruit juice instead of eating the fruit itself. Naringin in grapefruits is known to inhibit the response of insulin.





4. Green tea

Traditional green tea is one of the natural metabolism boosters that you could easily get. When you drink this, your metabolism rate increases for twenty four hours. You can burn sixty to eighty calories when you dink three to four cups of this beverage.





5. Dairy products

One of the well-known natural metabolism boosters is dairy. Consuming dairy products increases your calcium allowance everyday. Calcium is known to prevent obesity and contributes to the improvement of your brain function and overall health.





6. Hot and spicy foods

Peppers have capsaicin in them. This component is one of the natural metabolism boosters that you want. These increase your metabolic rate to about eight percent that lasts for a number of hours after you have consumed them. Peppers lower your fat amounts and makes you feel full. Other spices such as coriander and turmeric join capsaicin in curry dishes that amplify the improvement in metabolism.




7. Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach have nitrates in them. These natural metabolism boosters are indeed very effective. When the nitrates in the vegetables are broken down in your mouth, the resulting nitric oxide lowers the consumed oxygen by your muscles, inhibits insulin response, and lowers blood pressure.




In addition to these given natural metabolism boosters, you should also incorporate increased water intake and exercise. You should also remember that skipping meals makes your metabolism slower.  This also harms your body because of the deficiencies that it brings about. Make sure that you do not lose your muscle mass because this results to a decrease in metabolism as well. Drinking about eight to ten glasses of water helps your body get well-hydrated and well-oxygenated. This makes your muscles work better especially when you perform exercises. You could also try making a tonic with apple cider vinegar to improve your metabolism. Natural metabolism boosters do not make you believe that you could improve your metabolism by taking pills all the time. If you take them regularly, you avoid the side effects of synthetic metabolism enhancers such as nausea, swollen eyes, tremors, headaches, nervousness, diarrhea, excessive sweating, hot flashes, headaches, increased heart rate, and stomach upset. You should make sure that you consult with your doctor before you try these natural metabolism boosters so that your overall health will be assured.

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