7 Early Warning Signs of Autism

Autism is a complicated growth disability that normally visible during the first three of existence resulting to a neurological disturbance that affects the normal performance of a brain, influencing the progression of social dealings and communication skills.  Children and adults with autism normally disclose a struggle in verbal and non-verbal communication, in any social interaction or during physical activities.  Autism is considered as one of the five disorder of Pervasive Developmental Disorders or PDD, a type of neurological disorders markedly an extreme and pervasive destruction in number areas of development.

 Are there causes of autism?  Who are mostly affected by this disorder?

 There are studies showed that Autism is possibly a biological but this will not be the only reason.  According to the research, one in three people with autism has experienced a one to two epileptic seizures by the instance they reach maturity.  It could be a genetic cause if it runs in the family.  Medical experts also found out the abnormality level of neurotransmitters called serotonin found in the brain.

 Is autism a curable disorder?

 There is still no identified cure for autism.   It is just treated by changing the symptoms like improving the individual’s capability to communicate in verbal and non-verbal, manage the symptoms and deal with the recurrent behaviors.  There are some medications that are very useful in lessening the symptoms in relation with autism.  A medical doctor will be the one to decide of which medication should be given to person with autism.  The mutual application of the variety therapies and medication is the most frequent way of treating autism.   There are some people choose the medications only in treating the symptoms of autism while there are others that use the combination of medications and therapy simultaneously.  Even though the available treatments for now are usually aim only the symptoms of autism, still the outcome have been good in helping an autistic child to communicate better and to deal with the symptoms.

 How can parents help their child with autism?

Parents should learn more about the disorder and possible treatments at the same time work with the medical expert concerned in your child’s care.  You should also take care of yourself in able to be strong to face a lot of challenges of having a child with autism.


  • Inquire a medical expert about autism and how to deal with the symptoms.  Properly ways in dealing with a child having autism will help to lessen the family stress and at the same time help to improve the child’s performance.   Acceptance of the child’s condition can also be the preparedness when your child attains adulthood.
  • Consistent communication with the people concerned in your child’s learning and care.  It would be a great help to your child if there is a group approach and planned program.  It is essential that they provide time to pay attention to your concerns and are ready to work with you.
  • Learn to manage your emotions that will go along in raising a child with autism.  Have counseling from a medical expert that can provide help to relieve stress in handling a child with autism.  Participate in a support groups to learn from others’ experiences.  Find ways to unwind.

 Are the symptoms of autism aggravated as time passes?

 The symptom of autism tends to diminish as a person became an adult.  Sometimes, the symptoms may be in unusual forms.  If autism is being diagnosed during the childhood years may show signs of unusual problem or trouble in the form of depression or other behavioral problems once the teen age years had arrived.  For this reason, treatments that applied should be variable over time, depending on the person.

The parents are the one responsible to know or to detect if their baby is showing signs of autism.  They should be aware of the warning signs of delay in developmental growth of their baby.

 What are the early signs of autism in babies?

 Early signs of autism can be detected in as early as seven months old and they are the following.


1.     No eye contact

The baby with autism does not make an eye contact.  Try to look at their eyes during feeding time and check if they are also looking at you.






2.     Absence of smile

The baby does not smile when smiled at.






 3.     Showing no reaction

The baby shows no response when his or her name are being called or even to the sound of a common voice.





 4.     Absence of gestures

The baby does not use gestures to communicate.  He or she does not follow a sign when you pointing a stuff or even wave a goodbye.






 5.     No noises

The baby with autism does not make noises to get your attention.






 6.     Response to cuddling and facial expression

There are no initiations or respond to cuddling and does not even try to mimic your movements or facial expression.





 7.     No reaching out

The baby does not try to reach out to be picked up.






The early warning signs of autism are very important for us to help our child in raising them.  If your baby shows these early signs should seek help or advice immediately from a medical expert so you are prepared to face any challenges it will bring to you and your whole family.

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