7 Known Dandelion Tea Benefits

As the standards of health rise, more and more people resort to alternative medicine for their organic ingredients. Scientific researchers continue to discover and develop many plants so that they may be able to harness their health benefits.

One of the herbal marvels these days is the dandelion. This magnificent blossom can be turned into tea and from this, you would be able to extract all the medicinal benefits that it has to offer. Dandelion tea benefits are very much recognized by a growing number of health enthusiasts. It is known to be a food item that is packed with nutrition. The roots and leaves of this blossom have vitamin B complex, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin A, silicon, boron, calcium, choline, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and zinc. Here are some of the dandelion tea benefits that you may want to consider:


1. Sugar alternative

One of the dandelion tea benefits is that it is a very good alternative to sugar. With this, your sugar level will not spike up. Because of this benefit, dandelion tea is a very good food supplement for those who suffer from Type I and Type II diabetes. Dandelion is not contributory to the chaotic fluctuation of a diabetic’s s




2. Digestive system

Part of dandelion tea benefits is the fact that it can do a lot to make your digestive system function a lot better. It prevents you from having loose bowel or from being constipated. Dandelions can help you prevent bloating and retaining water. They help you eliminate well and reabsorb water. If your digestive system is in good condition, then your overall health is strengthened and maintained well. They say that you are what you eat. Dandelion tea helps you have the positive aspect of that belief. If you eat or take in something healthy, then it is highly probable that you have good health.



3. Liver

Dandelion tea benefits also help you optimize your liver functions. With a good liver, you could be assured that the fats (reduces cholesterol) and medications that you have in your body are well metabolized. If your liver is not functioning well, cholesterol will build up in your bloodstream and will cause very complicated health issues. The worse that could happen is for your liver to have damage brought about by alcohol liver disease and chronic hepatitis. You could immediately know if there’s something wrong with your liver through jaundice or the yellow coloration of your skin and eyes. If you already have a liver condition, then one of the dandelion tea benefits is that the inflammation you have in your liver will be reduced especially with regular intake.



4. Detoxification

Detoxification is one of the dandelion tea benefits that you should take advantage of. In detoxifying, you get rid of the unwanted substances that accumulate in your body. When you are detoxified, you get a cleaner bloodstream, ready to be fortified once more but this time, with healthier substances. You tend to urinate more during detoxification. This makes you prone to potassium loss. One of the dandelion tea benefits is the replacement of that lost potassium. With this, your heartbeat is regulated.



5. Skin

One of the proven dandelion tea benefits is the clarity of the skin. With the detoxification effects of the tea, your skin becomes clearer and healthier.






6. Joint pain

Anti-inflammation effects of dandelion tea also apply to those who suffer from rheumatism and arthritis ailments.







7. Weight loss

It is also said that one of the dandelion tea benefits is weight loss. This is because of the efficient flow of benefits that it gives your digestive system and the liver. Your metabolism is greatly improved.






Dandelion tea could also be used in cooking  because of its unique flavor and ability to enhance sweetness. You could just let the tea steep for a few minutes first and then add it to the dish that you are cooking. It can be a very good garnish or add-on to your stir-fries  as well. Even if dandelion tea does have so many health benefits, you should still make sure that you consult with your doctor that your present health status is not aggravated by any of the components that dandelion tea has. An example is the detoxification. If you want to take in dandelion tea, then you will tend to urinate frequently. If you have a heart condition, then your potassium is on watch. You should talk to your doctor with regard to this matter so you can be confident in getting dandelion tea benefits.

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